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The REV22 Juice Mobile Design Contest


We’ve got a brand new juice truck… But it’s naked! We want your help designing it. If your concept is selected, you’ll win an entire YEAR of free juice!



What is REV22 and how are they involved in the contest?

For the past 6 years, the Salud team has been privileged to witness health, healing, and tremendous growth. We could not be more excited as we expand our vision and launch our next chapter of franchise locations. Each franchise location will have the same energetic team, commitment to wellness, and deliciously healthy menu that our original stores have but with a new name: REV22 Juice and Wellness Bar powered by Salud Juicery.  

REV22 Juice and Wellness Bar is reflective of both the exciting changes in our company and our commitment to stay true to our roots. We will never give up our tireless commitment to demonstrating that healthy food can taste fantastic and that the nutrients we eat are essential to health and wellness. Providing an atmosphere that promotes wellness education and real connection is the most important thing we do and we will continue what we started.  

REV22 is reminiscent of our original Tree of Life logo as a source of healing for the nations. Right now, our world is in dire need of healing, and as REV22, we cannot think of a better vision for this new stage in our company's existence. We are excited to launch this contest (and our new, soon-to-be-decorated, van!) during the transition into our new REV22 name because it gives us the opportunity to highlight the work of those who’ve been by our side the whole time: YOU! You and your communities are why we’re here, and we look forward to continuing our quest for healing (fun included!) together.

How much of the van do I get to decorate?

Drum roll please… THE ENTIRE VAN! Or: the exterior, anyways. You can leave the interior decorating up to us.

How many colors can I use for the design?

The sky’s the limit! Use any color you think is appropriate to or complements the Salud/REV22 brand. We can’t wait to see your creation!

How perfect does the design have to be?

No perfection needed! We will take the concept you design and work with a professional designer to create the van wrap itself. 

I’m pretty creative. Do you mind if I get crazy with the design?

We encourage you to get those creative juices flowing! Pun intended. 

Is there a limit to how many entries I can submit?

If you’re in a super artsy mood, feel free to go crazy with entries. However, keep in mind: we’re looking for quality over quantity. This is not a lottery.

Where can I submit my designs or pick up more design sheets?

All six of our Pittsburgh locations are stocked with design sheets. Ask any Salud employee if you have questions or need additional sheets. If you’re feeling like a homebody, no need to fear—you can download the sheet above and get started without ever having to leave your bed. 

When you’ve finished your beautiful design, proudly drop it off at any Salud Pittsburgh location (Sewickley, Shadyside, Oakland, Aspinwall, Lawrenceville and Southpointe) or scan and send it in to freejuiceforyear@saludjuicery.com.

When is the deadline for entries?

Contest sheets can be submitted in stores & by email from July 1, 2019 until closing hours on July 31, 2019. Hours vary between locations, so might we suggest you check those before chaotically making a race to find the last still-open store?

Who’s judging the entries?

You’ve heard of Judge Judy… We have our own Judge Ginny...along with an entire team of Juice Meister/ess judges.

When do we find out the winner?

The winner will be determined once our judges have the chance to convene and make a final verdict. August 31st is the date. Try to hold your horses!

If I win, can I redeem the free juice at any Salud location?

You can redeem the free juice vouchers at any Salud location! Get psyched!

What if I don’t like juice?

If you don’t like juice, make a note of your dislike at the bottom of your design and we’ll make sure you don’t win. JUST KIDDING. But seriously: the winner will get free menu items for a year (4 vouchers mailed to you each month), so if you don’t like juice, we’ll accept your love for our açaí bowls or smoothies instead.

How much juice is it, again?

52 FREE MENU ITEMS: one for every week of the year. Imagine that!!

For any additional questions, please contact us at: freejuiceforyear@saludjuicery.com