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Cleansing 411 : Salúd Juicery is proud to partner with you as you strive to achieve  maximum health.  Being as free of toxins as possible is a necessary step toward both health and healing.

Our environment is rife with elements that are toxic to our bodies. The food we eat, the air we breathe, and chemical and technological waste can all cause damage to our cellular infrastructure. Our bodies were created with natural detoxifying and cleansing abilities but sometimes they are bombarded or can’t keep up. When this happens, the accumulation of toxins over time lead to physical and mental imbalances.

Why cleanse?

Give your body a vacation.

A juice cleanse is a healthy way of re-balancing your body and achieving optimal overall health. Because the body is not digesting large amounts of solid food during a raw juice cleanse, yet is absorbing an abundance of essential vitamins, minerals, and live enzymes from nutrient-rich, raw juice, it can redirect the energy usually spent on the digestive process to detoxifying and healing the often neglected organs. This energy conservation gives the body a chance to do what it’s meant to do – renew and heal. When your body has released toxins and is balanced you feel energized, mentally sharp and peaceful.

Before you cleanse...

You Rock!  

Psychologically the hardest part of making a change is making the commitment. You are 80% there. You’ve just made the first step towards a healthier life. As you prepare to absorb rich nutrients and enzymes, consider eliminating some or all of the toxic offenders 2 to 3 days beforehand: Alcohol, Caffeine, Sugar, Red Meats, Nicotine and Negativity.

Take time to get in touch with your body. Begin your mini-retreat by avoiding stressors and adding health.

During your cleanse

Each cleanse experience is different physically.  The body is doing important work.

After the first day of providing the body with liquid nutrients, the body begins to redirect energy and nutrients towards detoxifying. It is important to drink plenty of water to “flood” out the toxins and keep hydrated. Herbal teas and lemon water may be added and enjoyed. 

Sip/drink and enjoy each bottle of delicious juice.  We suggest you "chew" your juice to jump start digestion.  A positive awareness and sense of gratitude in the present moment are important mindsets.

As you release toxins, this may include negative feelings. It is common to feel frustrated or queasy during the cleanse period. Recognize that you are releasing negative emotions and take this time to look forward to the renewal and energy you will feel at the end of your cleanse time.

Your daily cleanse routine...

First: Tongue scraping/Oil pulling
(if you are feeling adventurous)

  1. 8:00am        Juice #1 + Water
  2. 10:00am      Juice #2 + Water
  3. 12:00 pm     Juice #3 + Water
  4. 2:30pm        Juice #4 + Water
  5. 5:00pm        Juice #5 + Water
  6. 7:00pm        Juice #6  (Filling nut mylk before bed)

You did it!  Relax and reward yourself with an Epsom salt bath.

*Cleanse times are suggested for demonstration purposes. Each person is unique. Listen to your body and drink as your body thirsts or hungers. 

After your cleanse


Pat yourself on your glowing back. You did it. But this isn’t the end – it’s the beginning. You may feel clearer, healthier and more positive than you have in some time. If you have been cleansing for several days, you don’t want to eat bulky foods. You might consider slowly returning to your consumption level with smoothies, soft foods, energy soups or steamed veggies for each meal.

Replenish your bacteria balance with a probiotic supplement or a natural probiotic like kombucha or jun.   End your cleanse in much the same way you started it, by avoiding: alcohol, caffeine, sugar, red meats, and nicotine. If and when you do choose to add those items into your life, do it in moderation. Those re-additions may help you realize how much they contribute to your system’s imbalance and generally take you out of your A-game.

The next path of your journey is yours to choose, but you will forever be changed by this experience.

How can I order a Salúd Cleanse?

 Let's do it!

We require a minimum of 24 hour notice with payment before you'd like to pick up a cleanse. You can stop by or call either location, and one of our cleanse experts will be happy to guide you through the ordering process. Our Shadyside location can be reached at: 412.683.1064, and Sewickley location at: 412.259.8818