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Why Salud?

The perfect entry-level or add-on business.

Low Overhead

Our stores cost a lot less to start compared to other franchise businesses.We’ve done our research and know how to be cost effective.

Steady Client Base

Salud offers items that appeal to people at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. That’s why we see a revolving door of customers. Our customers are also very loyal, repeat visitors. Great candidates for customer loyalty programs.

Structural Support

Our training protocol and regiment is robust with experienced leaders. We make sure entrepreneurs have the necessary tools to grow their businesses.

Community of Owners

Be a part of a growing community of entrepreneurs. Networking opportunities are abundant.


We offer items that appeal to people at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. That’s why we see a revolving door of customers that are very loyal and become repeat visitors. This makes for a great base to a customer loyalty program

Why the smoothie industry?

A mix of trendy and staple products serve a range of customer groups throughout the entire day.

SALUD is a leading franchise in the health-conscious market. Our niche has grown tremendously starting around 2000.

US consumers have been trending positively in Health and Wellness over the past few decades according to reports in Forbes. Juices and Smoothies also work as snacks, post-workout staples and meal replacements for millions.products that make a healthy lifestyle possible.

American’s problem with obesity, diabetes, and heart disease have led to more decisions being made about preventative action - including diet.

Nielsen reported that 88% of those asked, especially millennials, said they would pay more for a healthier option.

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