Back to School Season Is Here: 8 Ways to Prepare Yourself and Your Kids, No Matter Their Age

After a long summer, it’s time to get ready to send your kids back to school. Whether your child is about to head to kindergarten or into their senior year of high school, you want them to feel prepared for the year ahead. Plus, you want to make the most of your day while they are off at school. Busy moms should remember that self-care is just as important as caring for their families. The same principles apply. This year focus on keeping you and your family fed with healthy food, hydrated with a natural electrolyte drink, and prepared to conquer the to-do list. Here are eight easy ways to set your family up for success this school year. 

1. Fill Your Fridge with Natural Electrolyte Drinks 

When school starts, the weather’s still hot, and you lose essential electrolytes when you sweat. Keep yourself and your family hydrated with refreshing electrolyte drinks. There are a variety of flavors perfect for little ones who love a juice box, just without all the added sugar. Pop one in their lunchbox. They will get an energy boost from hydration, without the afternoon crash a sugar buzz would provide. Even teenagers love the fruity flavors. Hydrate them before they have to run straight from school to football practice or ballet class. Try out the lemon iced tea for yourself. This one has a little caffeine for the perfect pick-me-up before picking the kids up from school. 

2. Make Meal Planning a Habit

If you felt busy this summer, nothing compares to the craziness of a school year – especially when you have more than one kid. Don’t let figuring out what to make for breakfast, lunch, and dinner add stress to your day. Make meal planning a habit during summer to help you easily transition back into the school year. Set aside a bit of time each week to make a plan before doing your groceries. Packing lunches and prepping dinner each night will be that much easier. Involve your family by getting input from everyone on what meals you make each week. And don’t forget about snacks! Meal planning makes it easier to stay on track to meet your health and fitness goals. 

3. Create a Message Center 

Once the school year starts, it can sometimes feel like everyone is on opposite schedules. A whiteboard, magnetic calendar, or bulletin board in the kitchen can help you all stay on top of each other's activities. Start using it to keep track of summer plans to get everyone into syncing up their schedules. 

4. Stock Up On Supplies 

If your little one is nervous about starting kindergarten, taking them out to buy supplies is an easy way to get them excited for the upcoming school year. No matter your child’s age their teacher will send a supply list your way during summer. Use this as an opportunity to share how much fun they will have learning. The early you get shopping out of the way, the more prepared your child will be for their first day.

5. Start a Sleep Schedule 

Usually, during summer, sleep schedules get a little lax. Kids don’t need to wake up at a specific time, and it's easy to let them sleep late. Whether you have little ones or teenagers, it will be easier for everyone to get up when the alarm goes off if you start going to bed earlier and waking up at the same time each day. You don’t have to do this all summer, but create a sleep schedule two weeks to a month before school starts to build the habit. 

6. Prioritize Family Time 

Use your handy family message center to choose a time to spend together each week. Maybe you always have dinner together on Thursday nights, play a board game, or see your son’s baseball game and then have ice cream together.  

7. Set Aside Homework Time Before School Starts 

The more good habits you start before the school year begins, the easier time your kids will have to adjust to their new schedule. Even during the summer months, set aside time for schoolwork. Older children usually have some summer assignments. This can help you ensure they complete it in a timely fashion. For younger children, find time to play a learning game together or do a worksheet. These exercises will help them develop the necessary skills to focus in the classroom.  

8. Turn Off the TV and Open a Book 

Reading a book isn’t only good for your kids, it's good for you too. Young children are more likely to read if they see their parents read themselves. Pick up some fun summer reads and share your love of reading with your family. 

Reading can transport you to new places and introduce you to new ideas without leaving your living room.

Following these tips can make the transition back to school much smoother for your entire family. Enjoying the last few weeks of summer is important, but it's also essential to start preparing for the upcoming school year. With some planning, you can ensure seamless transition and that your family is ready for whatever comes next.