The Best Non Toxic Personal Care Brand: Biöm

For the last few months, I’ve been testing out a bunch of new oral and skincare products from a non toxic beauty brand and couldn’t be more thrilled with the results!

Today, I’m so excited to take you on a journey through my world of self-care and well-being, all thanks to the incredible products from biöm. You know how some brands just click with you?

Well, biöm is one of those brands that has truly made a difference in my daily routine.

As someone who's tried and loved their range of personal care products, I couldn't resist sharing my experiences with you. From transforming my oral care routine to giving my skin that radiant glow, biöm has become my trusted companion on this self-care adventure.

So, let's dive in together and discover why biöm has a special place in my heart!

NOBS Toothpaste Tablets

fluoride free toothpaste

NOBS Toothpaste Tablets are not your average toothpaste. They are a fluoride-free toothpaste crafted with nano hydroxyapatite, a remarkable ingredient.

What makes them truly exceptional is their ability to tackle dental hypersensitivity. Personally, these tablets have been a life-changer for me. I can now enjoy ice cream and hot soup without wincing in discomfort, something I hadn't been able to do for two decades.

But that's not all; NOBS goes a step further. They’re a great remineralizing toothpaste, actively preventing tooth decay.

The result? A healthier, happier smile.

Now, let's talk flavors. Their toothpaste tablets come in three delightful options: mint toothpaste, grape toothpaste, and vanilla toothpaste. It's like a yummy burst of freshness in your mouth with every use. In fact, the Vanilla Velour flavor pretty much replaces dessert for me!

What's truly convenient is that this chewable toothpaste is mess-free. No more struggling with squeezing toothpaste onto your brush or dealing with powders that seem to get everywhere. Plus, here's a travel tip – you can easily pack them in your carry-on, and there's no need to worry about TSA's liquid regulations.

NOBS Jr. Kids Toothpaste

fluoride free kids toothpaste

If you're a parent looking for the perfect kids hydroxyapatite toothpaste for your little ones, you're in for a treat.

What sets NOBS Jr. apart is its thoughtful formulation. It's the ideal nano hydroxyapatite toothpaste, and here's why.

First and foremost, it contains no harsh sulfates or abrasives. As a parent, safety is paramount, and NOBS Jr. delivers on that front. It's also fluoride-free, which means your kids can use it without any risks, unlike traditional fluoride toothpaste.

But here's the real cherry on top – it's the only kids' toothpaste in the entire country with an all-natural bubblegum flavor.

Yes, you read that right – no artificial dyes or fragrances here. It's a flavor that kids adore, making brushing their teeth an enjoyable experience!

SWISH Mouthwash

alcohol free mouthwash

SWISH is truly amazing for several reasons. Firstly, it's an alcohol free mouthwash, which means you won't experience that unpleasant burning sensation.

And it's not just about comfort; it's also safe for kids, unlike most mouthwashes. As a parent, knowing that my little ones can use it without worry is a huge relief.

What makes SWISH even more special is its use of herbs instead of a slew of synthetic ingredients. It's a refreshing departure from the norm and adds a natural touch to your oral care routine.

Plus, let's talk taste – it's simply amazing. No more cringing during your mouthwash routine.

But it doesn't stop there; SWISH goes the extra mile for sustainability. It comes in an aluminum bottle, not plastic, which aligns perfectly with my values. Say goodbye to worries about microplastics getting into your system.

PRISM Whitening Strips

white strips

Now, these white strips are truly remarkable.

First and foremost, they're formulated with coconut oil and aloe vera, ingredients known for their soothing properties. This means you can bid farewell to the discomfort that often accompanies regular whitening strips.

But what truly sets PRISM apart is its effectiveness.

These strips deliver noticeable results without the drawbacks. With their gum-friendly formula and impressive results, they're a must-try for anyone looking to brighten their smile without the usual hassles.

SWIPE Tongue Scrapers

tongue scrapers

Did you know that brushing your tongue isn't the most effective way to prevent bad breath? Instead, you should be scraping it every night, and that's exactly what these tongue scrapers are designed for.

Trust me; it really works!

Swipe Tongue Scrapers are crafted from stainless steel, which means they won't rust over time. Plus, they come with a convenient carrying case, making them perfect for travel. Say goodbye to the cheap plastic alternatives you find on Amazon; Swipe Tongue Scrapers are a class apart.

What's even more impressive is that they come in three different shapes, allowing you to choose the one that suits you best. They're effective, durable, and versatile, ensuring your breath stays fresh day in and day out.

SILK Dental Floss

expandable dental floss

Allow me to introduce you to your newest obsession: Silk, the expandable dental floss that's set to transform your oral hygiene routine. If you've been on the lookout for a floss that goes beyond the basics, you're in for a treat.

SILK Dental Floss is truly exceptional for several reasons. It stands out as the only floss in the world treated with nigella sativa, known for its natural anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. If you have a history of oral care problems, this floss is your ally in maintaining oral health.

But it's not just about the science; it's also about the experience. SILK is scented like eucalyptus, adding a spa-like touch to your daily routine. Flossing becomes more than a task; it's a soothing experience. Plus, it provides a gentle cooling tingle effect on your gums, adding to the refreshing sensation.

What's truly remarkable is that SILK Dental Floss doesn't shred, ensuring a hassle-free flossing experience. And here's another win – it's plastic-free, aligning perfectly with eco-conscious values.

H2.O Facial Cleanser

hydrating facial cleanser

H2.O is nothing short of amazing, and here's why. It's a hydrating facial cleanser that offers a taste of luxury without breaking the bank.

Whether you have dry, oily, or combination skin, this cleanser has got you covered. But if you're like me and struggle with dry skin, you're in for a real treat. H2.O is perfect for dry skin because it's super hydrating, thanks to its glycerin content (which I find even better than hyaluronic acid).

What sets H2.O apart is that it not only cleans but also leaves your skin with a plump, healthy glow. In fact, it's so hydrating that sometimes I skip my moisturizer altogether. It's a hydrating powerhouse that your skin will thank you for.

As for makeup removal, H2.O excels in that department too. It effortlessly takes off makeup, making your nighttime skincare routine a breeze.

If I could make one wish, it would be for biöm to come out with a moisturizer that complements this fantastic cleanser.

So, should you check out biöm too?

biom products

Wow, where do I even begin? biöm isn't just a brand; it's my favorite disruption in personal care ever! I can't help but gush about how much I adore this brand.

When it comes to oral care, their NOBS Toothpaste Tablets and NOBS Jr. Kids Toothpaste have transformed my daily routine. I mean, who knew that brushing your teeth could be this enjoyable and effective? Plus, the fact that they're fluoride-free is a huge win for me.

Then there's the Swish Mouthwash, which is pure magic. No more burning sensation, and it's safe for the kids – talk about a win-win. And did I mention it comes in an aluminum bottle? Sustainable and refreshing!

PRISM Whitening Strips have me flashing my pearly whites with confidence. Coconut oil and aloe vera? Yes, please! These strips are a game-changer.

Swipe Tongue Scrapers are now a bedtime ritual. Stainless steel and three shapes – they make oral care a breeze.

SILK Dental Floss? Don't get me started on how amazing it is! The eucalyptus scent, the natural treatment, and being plastic-free – it's the full package.

Last but not least, the H2.O Facial Cleanser is like a daily spa session. It's hydrating, makeup-removing, and leaves me with a radiant glow. My only wish? A matching moisturizer, please!

But it's not just about the products; it's the brand's ethos. biöm's commitment to being plastic-free and cruelty-free resonates with my values, and I'm here for it.

In conclusion, biöm isn't just a brand in my life; it's a revolution. I'm not just a fan; I'm a superfan! Here's to more self-care adventures with biöm.