Farm to Table Restaurants in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh has a few great farm to table restaurants that serve up fresh food from the local farms. Farm to table restaurants provide their customers with local and sustainable foods. Their purpose is to support local farmers in the communities they serve. These restaurants help to benefit the community and the environment. Small, local farms have a more positive impact on the environment than large industrial ones do. Farm to table restaurants help to keep these types of farms running as they are often prime customers. 

Buying from farms helps to put money into the pockets of local communities. It is always a good idea to serve your local community, or even the community of a city you’re simply visiting. It is not easy for everyone to buy directly from a farm, but you can still support the effort by visiting farm to table restaurants once in a while when you get the chance. Here are some farm to table restaurants to visit in Pittsburgh. 


This restaurant is one of the best in Pittsburgh!

Four plates of different foods including tuna steak and polenta.
This spread looks very finely crafted. Image courtesy of Trip Savvy

1230 Grandview Ave | Mt Washington |

Altius is widely considered to be one of the best restaurants in Pittsburgh. It is an upscale restaurant with a great view. It sits right on Grandview Ave which boasts some of the best views in Pittsburgh! This restaurant was founded by a talented chef who wanted to bring refined dining to more Pittsburgh neighborhoods. This restaurant values bringing great local ingredients to their customers. 

The service at Atilus is phenomenal. Great service is something this restaurant values strongly. They make sure that everything is great, from the views to the décor, to the food, and the service. On the menu, you’ll find Chilean Sea Bass with sweet potato puree, king salmon with caramelized pear & gorgonzola risotto, and steak tartare. They serve great desserts like caramel corn Brule and have unique mixed drinks on the menu. 


This restaurant serves well made Italian cuisine. 

A rack of ribs on top of lettuce and potatoes.
This looks like a delectable entrée. Image courtesy of Pittsburgh Magazine

2104 E Carson St | South Side |

Stagioni takes a fresh and simple approach to Italian cuisine. The local ingredients they use are made into amazing dishes. They also use foods that are in season, so expect the menu to change depending on which season it is! This goes for the drinks as well as the food. Their menu includes traditional Italian foods like antipasti, pasta, and pizza. For an entrée you get to choose between penne alla vodka, braised meatballs, and eggplant parmesan among several others. They have some great pizza options and also let you build your own! 

This restaurant also has some amazing desserts. You can try the tiramisu, their cookies, or their chocolate olive oil cake, which comes with Nutella ganache, toasted hazelnuts, and grey salt. 


This French restaurant serves excellent and sustainable foods. 

A salad with a poached egg on top.
This salad looks like the perfect brunch choice. Image courtesy of Pittsburgh Magazine

214 N Craig St | Oakland |

Legume is a French restaurant that has been around for over ten years. They are known for sourcing local ingredients from nearby farms. They are committed to providing seasonal meals, so you can expect to find something different on the menu depending on the date. Their chefs are extremely creative. This is a great destination for anyone who is adventurous with their food. In the past, they’ve served fermented rye bread soup, curried goat shoulder, and corned tongue. They also serve roast chicken, pork chops, and fish & chips. They even have sandwiches and pierogis. 

They have an extensive list of cocktails that displays many options. They have different wines, drafts, and house cocktails. 

The Porch

This restaurant serves great Italian and American foods!

The front of "The Porch" restaurant with a sign in front.
This looks like a great place to spend lunch! Image courtesy of TribLive

221 Schenley Dr | Oakland |

The Porch serves up delicious Italian and American foods. They are known for making their menu items with fresh, local ingredients. Not only do they purchase their produce from local farms, they also have their own rooftop garden! It is where they grow a lot of the fresh herbs they put into their food. They even house several beehives on the roof. When you eat there, you can be sure you are getting the freshest of ingredients.

This restaurant offers different styles of service during different points in the day. You must get in line and order your breakfast to go in the mornings, and in the afternoon, you order at the counter. At dinner time, they offer full-service dining so you can sit down and relax the whole time. They offer burgers, pizza, and salads, along with entrees like lobster mac & cheese and grilled lamb chops. They serve peach cobbler and crème Brule along with other delectable desserts, and a rotating “special dessert.”

East End Co Op Café

This place offers shopping and meals!

A plate of pasta, spinach and chicken.
This would be great to enjoy after some grocery shopping. Image courtesy of Yelp

7516 Meade St | East End |

The East End food Co-op is a full service market that sells natural and organic foods. It has been a part of Pittsburgh for over 40 years. This Co-op supports its community and makes sure to interact with the environment in a responsible way. You can find plenty of affordable organic foods that are sustainable for the environment. It is also completely open to the public! A membership isn’t needed to shop there. And even better is the on site restaurant. 

They have a great hot bar, a soup/salad bar, and a beverage bar. You can choose from plenty of different foods. They also have plenty of vegan options. They have tofu, mock tuna, and vegan dumplings. Their beverage bar sells delicious and creamy smoothies. 

Farm to table restaurants help their communities along with the environment by sourcing local ingredients. You likely want to help out their efforts while enjoying delicious foods in the process, which you can definitely do right in Pittsburgh!