Healthy Restaurants You Can Visit in Shadyside

Image courtesy of Pittsburgh Magazine

Shadyside is a lively neighborhood filled with many shops and restaurants. This neighborhood has a mix of large mansions and compact apartment housing. Its residents are a fun mix of artists, students, and young professionals. It's a walkable neighborhood with several restaurants within steps of each other.  

These restaurants are among some of the best in Pittsburgh. You’ll find foods from various cultures, price points, and styles. Some places are more upscale and some places are far more casual. You can find American, Mediterranean, and European food among others. Shadyside also has many great options if you’re looking for something healthy. Here are some of the best healthy restaurants in Shadyside!

So Fresh

This restaurant offers healthy food with speed. 

A bowl of food and sauce.
This bowl is a healthy and delicious way to start the day. Image courtesy of Yelp

177 S Highland Ave | Shadyside |

So Fresh offers food that is fresh and nourishing. It has great food options for health conscious people who want satisfying meals that improve their bodies. They serve what they consider to be “fast-casual fresh” food. They only use the highest quality ingredients to make their food. They serve hot bowls, wraps, salads, smoothies, and juices. 

They aim to make eating fresh into a normal lifestyle choice. They also accommodate a variety of diet choices including vegan, keto, paleo, and gluten free. They cook with an oil blend that includes avocado, sunflower seed, and grapeseed oil and minimally season every bowl with salt and pepper. Their smoothies are very refreshing to drink after a nice, healthy meal. 

“So fresh is definitely fresh! I created my own salad and it was delicious! The ingredients were seemed so fresh and healthy! This is definitely going to be a go to spot for when we want a healthy meal.” -- Yelp Review


This American restaurant serves food straight from local farms. 

Three separate plates of food with a bowl of gravy.
This looks like a very decadent dinner. Image courtesy of TripAdvisor

5528 Walnut St | Shadyside |

Acorn is known for their upscale American style food. It is located on Shadyside’s historic Walnut Street. This restaurant sources its food meticulously. They make sure to buy fresh, locally sourced food that they use different methods to prepare. They combine local ingredients and prep styles to create their signature style of exciting yet familiar foods. 

Acorn is known for its amazing brunch menu. You can order pancakes, sandwiches, eggs, and homemade bagels among other options. The dinner menu is also appealing with its choices for trout, ramen, and pappardelle. 

“Cannot speak highly enough about this place. Terrific cocktails, incredible apps, and delicious dinner. One of my favorite items for dinner was the brussels sprouts we ordered. It was so delicious. I ordered one of the fish dishes for dinner and found it to be excellent.” Yelp Review


This restaurant serves your food with a fantastic presentation. 

A table full of sushi.
This platter makes you wanna dig into it with a hungry group of friends. Image courtesy of Yelp.

5440 Walnut St | Shadyside |

Yoshino is an Asian fusion restaurant that sells amazing sushi. One great feature of theirs is how nicely they present their food. You can look forward to seeing nicely laid out sushi rolls surrounded by decorative sauces. When you come with a large party, you can get a large sushi platter that takes up your whole table! 

This restaurant combines many different flavors to make its fusion foods. Some of those foods include tuna salmon ceviche, mango lobster salad, and “monster” rolls. 

“Very solid Asian fusion place!! The Szechuan beef is surprisingly authentic and the sashimi fish was very fresh. They have an extensive menu and great lunch specials! The owner was very nice. It's great to stop by during your lunch break.” -- Yelp Review


This restaurant serves delicious and healthy Indian cuisine.

This looks like an amazing lunch. Image courtesy of Yelp

6114 Centre Ave | Shadyside |

This restaurant serves fast and healthy Indian food. You can find beloved staples like chicken tikka masala and lentil daal. You can also get fresh baked naan along with your meal. You have the option to combine different bases with different toppings. Their food is amazing because of their use of a custom built tandoor clay oven. 

You even get to try amazing Indian desserts like kulfi. When you visit, you are likely to be satisfied with the service and the great quality of the food.  

“Really great fast-casual Indian. I had a power bowl and it was delish! Naan was flavorful and served warm. Covid-time ordering process was quick, easy, and safe. Bonus-they have a fun hand washing machine.” -- Yelp Review

Piada Italian Street Food

This place serves great Italian and healthy foods. 

A menu full of different foods.
This menu is filled with great healthy options. Image courtesy of Yelp

5996 Centre Ave | Shadyside |

Piada Italian Street Food was founded in 2010. They have a mission to make fresh and modern Italian food with high quality ingredients. Their fresh ingredients and reasonable prices are a few things that make it a local favorite. Their food is healthy, high quality, and served with speed. 

This restaurant offers brunch, lunch, and dinner. On the menu you’ll find wraps, soups, pasta, bowls, and salads. They even offer snack packs with small desserts inside. You will be happy you stopped here. 

“As good as it gets... I ordered a Mediterranean piada with grilled chicken and a blackberry lemonade. The ordering service was quick although I had to hang out for a few minutes to pick up the order. The piada was yummy and my only concern is with the calories! I will try pesto pasta next time around.” -- Yelp Review

Shadyside is a neighborhood you’ll find it impossible to be bored in. You’ll have tons of options when it comes to food since most restaurants are only steps away from each other. Don’t let yourself miss out on these amazing places. Check them out whenever you get the chance!