Homeopathic Stores and Practices in Pittsburgh to Help You Feel Your Best

Looking for homeopathic brands and treatments in the Pittsburgh area? Here’s your one-stop guide to the best homeopathic companies, brands, and shops in the greater Pittsburgh area.

What exactly is homeopathy?

The evolution of homeopathic brands and their history in Pittsburgh

The origins of homeopathy date all the way back to ancient Chinese and Indian medicine, but it was said to be founded by Samuel Hahnemann in the 18th century in Europe. Homeopathic medicine became popularized in the United States through the introduction of homeopathic schools in the mid 19th century. It’s popularity peaked again in the 1970s with the growing interest in natural health remedies, and once again a resurgence of interest has been developing in the past couple of years.

In Pittsburgh, the homeopathic community is small but growing rapidly, as companies have been branching out into the area, while some new small businesses have popped up recently. Many of these companies have brought their unique dietary supplements and other natural remedies to the community while also vending more popular health foods and supplements within their stores as well.

Some of the Best Homeopathic Stores and Brands in Pittsburgh

Stop into some of these shops for all of your supplement, CBD, and herbal needs

If you’re looking to supplement your diet with vitamins and foods that target certain areas of the body, Pittsburgh is home to a variety of homeopathic markets that specialize in these sorts of food and dietary supplement products. Here’s our list of some of the top small businesses to shop for all of your homeopathic needs:

Today’s Market + Kitchen in Oakmont

A one-stop shop for all your homeopathic basics

Colorful juices lined up on a counter
Today’s Market + Kitchen’s featured product, juices from Midwest Juicery. Image courtesy of Today’s Market and Kitchen.

612 Allegheny River Blvd | Oakmont | Today’s Market + Kitchen in Oakmont

In the northeast suburb of Pittsburgh, this market for homeopathic products sells both food goods and other health aids like body oils and dietary supplements. The store offers special discounts, including 10% off of one item for senior citizens each Wednesday and 20% off all vitamins, herbs, and supplements for all customers on the first Monday of each month.

“The manager was really nice and helped me with everything I needed. One of the widest selections of health foods I have ever seen! If you can't find it at Walmart, whole foods, giant eagle, or anywhere else, try going here!” -Google Review

Total Peace and Wellness

A CBD-based store to boost your relaxation

Rhonda and Carlos standing in front of the Pittsburgh skyline
Owners of Total Peace and Wellness, Rhonda Broadway and Carlos Smith, at their CBD-based store in Lawrenceville. Image courtesy of the PGH City Paper.

4213 Butler St | Lawrenceville | Total Peace and Wellness

If you’re looking for a store closer to the downtown Pittsburgh area, Total Peace and Wellness is a new store in Lawrenceville that specializes in CBD skincare, balms, oils, and food products. The business is black-owned and 5% of all sales proceeds are donated to a non-profit that aims to promote equity for black and brown communities affected by mass incarceration.

"I suggested Total Peace & Wellness to someone special to me and I wanted to share her positive experience. She was absolutely raving – the product (melatonin + CBD sleep gummies) helped her sleep through the night "for the first time in years." She also loved the personal note and the fast shipping. Thank you for giving her such a positive, restorative experience!" -Customer Review

Archeus Homeopathic Herbs

Herb shop with a dietary aid for every area of the body

Hand holding assorted pills in a glass dish
Archeus has over 18 categories of dietary supplements to choose from on their online website, so go explore!

3898 Old William Penn Hwy | Pittsburgh | Archeus Homeopathic Herbs

With over 14 years of business under their belt, Archeus Homeopathic Herbs offers a wide variety of specialized dietary supplements. The shop is located right off Old William Penn Highway, and it carries supplements that support gastrointestinal, endocrine, bone and joint health, and many others.

“Excellent quality homeopathics and hard to find herbs. In an emergency, they hand delivered it to the house several hours after I ordered. Fantastic service, excellent medicine.” -Superpages Review

A Few Homeopathic Doctors and Health Practitioners Around Pittsburgh

Find a homeopath to help you on your wellness journey

If you’re in the market for a homeopathic doctor to assess and treat your specific ailments through natural medicine, Pittsburgh also has a wide array of practitioners across the region that specialize in various homeopathic methods. These methods include treatments like acupuncture, massage therapy, detoxification, and many more. Here are some popular homeopathic doctors in Pittsburgh:

Trillium Natural Medicine

For a one-on-one acupuncture and health consultation experience with Dr. Tighe

Person performing acupuncture in client's arm
Acupuncture is one of the many services Trillium offers to its clients, amongst many more

3043 West Liberty Ave | Dormont | Trillium Natural Medicine

Founded and run by Dr. Maureen Tighe, a specialist in naturopathic medicine and acupuncture practice, this Dormont-based practice offers clients treatments based around nutrition, biochemistry, herbal medicine, energetic modalities, hydrotherapy, and mind-body practices. Dr. Tighe specializes in acupuncture therapy, naturopathic medicine and childcare, and fertility amongst many topics.

“Dr. Tighe is calm and compassionate, and delivers wonderful care. She is gentle in her approach and wise. I am an MD, and I cherish physicians like Dr. Tighe. I recommend her highly.” -Customer Review

Holistic Health with Mandi

Find pinpointed solutions to health problems with Mandi’s high-tech techniques

Mandi speaking to audience of people
Mandi Babkes from Holistic Health with Mandi leads a class in healthy living and holistic lifestyles. Image courtesy of Holistic Health with Mandi.

134 S Highland Ave | East Liberty | Holistic Health with Mandi

Mandi Babkes’ holistic practice, located in upper Lawrenceville, specializes in Quantum Reflex Analysis, Emotional Repolarization Technique, Interference Fields and Mud Packing, and multiple other homeopathic techniques. With over ten years under her belt, Mandi’s practice is always welcoming new clients with any sort of chronic or organ-specific ailments.

“This woman is an Amazing therapist!  I have been seeing her for over three years and she is continually helping me work toward my goals.” -Yelp Review

Pittsburgh Alternative Health

Get to the root of your health issues with this practice’s extensive health screenings and detoxification techniques

Darrell standing in front of Pittsburgh Alternative Health sign
Darrell S.C.S. Misak in front of his homeopathic practice’s sign. Image courtesy of Pituitary.

20 Cedar Blvd | Mt Lebanon | Pittsburgh Alternative Health

Located in Mt. Lebanon, Darrell Misak offers patients health screenings followed by a detoxification method that he believes will most improve health issues. These types of detoxification processes include colon hydrotherapy, live blood microscopy, mild hyperbaric therapy, biomat relaxation therapy, and many more that target specific ailments and conditions.

“In a world where health and wellness has become trendy and popular, it is hard to find someone with as deep a knowledge base as Dr. Misak. As a chiropractor I was really glad to have met Dr. Misak and have taken my family to see him. He is very knowledgeable,  friendly, and affordable. Thank you Dr. Misak!” -Google Review

Other Homeopathic Resources in PA

Where to hunt for more homeopathic companies in Pittsburgh and beyond

While Pittbsurh’s homeopathic scene is still up and coming, and many naturopathic businesses are few and far between in the area, there are more ways to meet your homeopathic needs. Many homeopathic brands and businesses in Pennsylvania offer shipping for their products for an extra fee, which can be great if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for in-store.

The list above describes some of the most popular and well-known homeopathic shops and doctors in Pittsburgh, but many of these places cannot yet be found on websites or online. Many homeopathic companies pass down through families, generation to generation, and may not have reached online branding yet. One of the best ways to find traditional homeopathic establishments is by word of mouth in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas, as well as simply searching for them by foot or car.

While the homeopath community in Pittsburgh appears to have a limited presence right now, the movement for naturopathic products and lifestyles will surely bring in a flux of new businesses within the next couple of years.

With this list of homeopathic brands, businesses, and health practitioners in the Pittsburgh area, you’re bound to find the health products you’ve been searching for. And if you’re still searching for that one specific product, don’t be discouraged, look online and perhaps on foot, and you’re bound to find what you’re looking for.