How a dietician can promote their page on Instagram in 2022: tactics that work

The niche of a healthy lifestyle, nutrition and training is very popular on social networks – we all want to live healthy, and to make it work, we need advice and motivation every day. 

Therefore, if you are a specialist in the field of healthy lifestyle, we have good news – your content is in demand as never before. Nevertheless, in order to stand out from the gray mass of specialists who are not so in demand, you need to know a couple of useful things about social media marketing and the right strategies for doing business in the IG. This text will be your brief guide to the world of success in social networks: we will tell you which information is worth sharing for free and which is paid, why you need to buy Instagram followers and rely on paid services, and why free promotion methods are practically not working (for business pages).

What to share and what to sell

The line between free and paid content in this area is quite thin, and the quality and value of the content are incredibly important, because this is the only way you can prove to people that you are really worth reading and that you can benefit them by appearing in their feed daily. Therefore, it is necessary to clearly understand which content can be given away just like that, and which can be sold.

We have the secret of success: you can share your opinion with people for free about any methods, diets, dietary supplements that you yourself do not consider the most effective and useful (that is, share negative opinions and experiences). This way you can protect people from what they shouldn't do – but in order to understand what is worth doing, they will need to turn to you for expert help and opinion (which, surprise-surprise, are paid).

What to rely on in the beginning

To feel confident, you need a base, some kind of support that will create for you the appearance of success and demand. This way people will be much more willing to subscribe to your profile and follow your content – for this you can buy real Instagram followers and close this issue for yourself once and for all. 

The service will save you time, nerves and money (it is completely inexpensive, you can even say cheap), while simultaneously creating a starting audience and improving statistics. We emphasize that statistics can improve only if you make sure that you are buying a quality service (that is, real subscribers are people who cooperate with promo companies for a fee).Why free tools aren’t working

It's pretty simple: because your ambitions are too big. Small pages that people try to develop in their personal interests do not require so many followers, likes and everything else for success. In your case, you need as much as possible to succeed, and free services mean spending personal time and effort to get the starting number of subs. In your case, this will not work – you need to focus on generating high-quality content and communicating with the existing audience.