How To Get Your Protein Easily As A Vegan

One of the most common concerns surrounding the vegan diet is where you will get your protein from. It is essential for regular bodily function, and it enables cell regrowth. Of course, people who do not eat meat or dairy are more likely to face challenges when it comes to getting protein from their diet.

Because of this, there are numerous forms of vegan-friendly protein that can be introduced into your lifestyle. Consider the following options to find something that is right for you.

Protein Powders

Even if you are not following a vegan lifestyle, you could be thinking about introducing more protein into your diet. This is because protein can speed up cell repair and growth, which is frequently associated with building muscle.

Protein powders are an easy way of getting more protein on a regular basis. You can use this for a fast source of energy, or add it to other foods. Some top powders for vegans come in a selection of flavors and sized containers, so you can find something that suits you.

Whether you want to add more protein into your diet to fuel your workouts and build muscle, or if you need an easy ingredient that you can add to smoothies and other foods, protein powder is an ideal option.

Vegan Protein Bars

Another way that you can get a boost during the day when you are busy is with vegan protein bars. Like protein powders, these come in a variety of flavors. However, these also vary in texture as well.

While these are useful short-term solutions when you need protein to increase your energy levels, it is worth consuming these sparingly. This is because all protein bars tend to contain high amounts of sugars and fats in order to make them tasty.

In that sense, they should be treated more like candy bars that you can reach for when you want a little treat. Some people like having one tucked away in their work bags or laptop cases as a way of getting them through the busy day.

If you want a form of protein that will keep your body fueled and enable steady energy levels, then vegan protein powders are the more appropriate choice.

Natural Sources Of Protein


Lentils have a high protein content, and it could be worth finding a tasty lentil-based recipe for dinner if you want to add more natural protein into your diet. You could even prepare lentils ahead of time and pack them into burritos, curries, or soups that you can take to work for lunches.


Pinto, kidney, garbanzo, and most other beans have incredibly high protein levels per serving. Beans are a great source of protein, iron, fiber, and complex carbohydrates. Not to mention, they are tasty, versatile, and great for vegans!


An incredibly versatile ingredient that can be made into a range of foods is tofu. Since it has been made out of soy beans, tofu contains high levels of protein. It contains all the essential amino acids needed to keep the body functioning correctly.

Tofu and tempeh are both excellent sources of protein, calcium, and iron. It is certainly worth integrating these into your diet or lunches more frequently.

Soy Milk

Likewise, soy milk contains high levels of protein as it has been made from soybeans. On average, a cup of soy milk has around six grams of protein. You can also rely on soy milk as a source of vitamin B12, calcium, and vitamin D.


Whether you enjoy oatmeal for breakfast, as an ingredient in baking, or even in savory dishes like veggie burgers, oats are very high in protein. They are relatively easy to make, and can be tasty!


You can also use nuts for a source of protein, as well as healthy fats. They are tasty for snacking on raw, or to add to your favorite savory or sweet recipes. Nuts and seeds have a healthy amount of fiber, iron, calcium, magnesium, and antioxidants.

Sweet Potatoes

These vegetables are tasty and easy to prepare. Not to mention, sweet potatoes have some of the highest amounts of protein out of all the vegetables. On average, you can get around four grams of protein per cup of sweet potato.


There are so many ways that you can get protein into your diet as a vegan, that the potential combinations and recipe ideas are seemingly endless! Consider using a vegan-friendly protein powder when you need it for working out or on days when your body needs more energy.

Other forms of protein include natural sources such as nuts and pulses, and vegan protein bars. Remember to listen to your body and go with what feels right for you. There is no wrong way to follow a healthy, balanced lifestyle.