How to Incorporate Movement Into Your Already Busy Schedule

Finding a moment for yourself in which you can do some healthy movements for your body can be surprisingly difficult. Days feel fuller than ever, work schedules have you busy for most of the day, trying to fit in a weekly lunch with a friend can seem as difficult as trying to solve rocket science problems and managing to carve out a few moments for yourself to do something great for your body, like exercise, can seem impossible. As difficult as it is, you must get your body moving in some form, even if it is just twice a week to start.

This article aims to shed light on some of the easiest and least time-consuming means that you can get your body moving, even while balancing and juggling your busy day.

Find An Online Class You Enjoy

If you do not have the time to get dressed in gym clothes, drive to the nearest gym, put your things in the locker and start your gym session, as this often takes about an hour just in prep work, then you need to find ways that you can move your body from the comfort of your home. One of the best ways to do so is to find some online videos that interest you, these can either be gentle yoga videos or fast-paced dance videos. That is completely up to you, however, you must find something that interests you and gets your blood pumping for which you can learn more about PA online casino here if you feel you could find something interesting online there. There are many different exercise videos that are up on YouTube and that you can watch for free. Find a YouTuber whose energy and style match yours, who you feel you could be friends with and then every time you do a video with them, it will feel like catching up with an old friend. Don't forget, you do not need to do an hour-long dance session, simply find a ten-minute video that interests you and put it on every evening before taking your shower.

Start Your Mornings With Simple Exercises

Another great way to get some movement into your day is by starting with it. The twenty minutes that you usually spend on your phone scrolling in bed before getting up can be used more efficiently if you get moving. Either pop on some running shoes and go for a brisk fifteen-minute walk around your neighborhood or lay down on your yoga mat and complete a few stretches like the downward dog or lotus position. Many people underestimate yoga but if you do it with vigor and speed, it can be a real workout. Just remember to always hold your positions well and engage your core at all times to reduce the chance of injuring yourself. If this all still sounds like too much, then do some exercises from your bed. Push the covers away, stay in your jammies and do simple leg and arm stretches as you roll around on the bed. Do some simple tummy exercises to strengthen your core and stomach or try to touch your toes while sitting up against your backboard – this will all help you on your journey to better health and movement.

Do It In Your Lunch Break

If you do not work from home or do not have the luxury of taking twenty minutes for yourself in the morning, then you need to carve out the time during your lunch break at work. The best thing about this is that you do not even have to leave your office chair to get some movements in. The next time you go to work bring some resistance bands with you, place them around each wrist and complete some of the hardest arm exercises you will ever too by trying to push your arms apart. Great for exercise and stretching those wrists and fingers you use all day to type with. You can even place these bands around your knees too, press against each knee and complete some great upper thigh exercises. There are so many different ways you can use a resistance band and the best thing about them is that they are easy and quick to use.