Pilates Studios in Sewickley

Pilates is an exercise that involves low impact muscle strengthening, flexibility, and endurance exercises. It uses a series of controlled movements that are meant to be therapeutic but feel more like a workout. When practiced consistently, Pilates offers lots of benefits for your body. It was developed by a German named Robert Pilates during the 20th century. He believed that exercise should help to heal the mind and body. This workout style easily alters to fit beginner practitioners and those who have been doing it for much longer. It can be done both with or without equipment. By doing Pilates, you are very likely to develop a strong core, gain coordination, and be overall healthier. 

What are the Benefits of Pilates?

When you do Pilates, you will strengthen your muscles, improve your posture, and increase your flexibility. Pilates targets your core, so when you do it, you’ll end up with a stronger and more toned abdomen. It is still a full body exercise and will leave every part of you fully worked out. Pilates will leave you a lot more coordinated. And it doesn’t only help out with your coordination for important movements, it also helps you move better when you perform average day-to-day tasks. 

Pilates gives you a lot more endurance the longer you practice it. Your muscles will be a lot stronger in time. One of its great benefits is towards mental health. Many people who practice pilates report a reduction in symptoms related to anxiety and depression. They also report a huge boost in energy as well as a decrease in fatigue. You will feel a generally stronger connection to your own mind and body. 

Clearly Pilates

This Pilates studio will make you work up a good sweat. 

A woman stretching her legs using a machine.
This machine helps to work out your body in ways that will improve your strength and flexibility. Image courtesy of Yelp.

409 Broad St | Sewickley | clearlypilates.com

This studio offers pilates classes that are meant to challenge as well and improve a student’s strength and flexibility. They offer classes for all levels, which include classes that use only mats for their sessions and ones that use equipment. You can take a private equipment class, a duet equipment class, and a triple equipment class. Try out different classes to figure out what you prefer. 

There are pilates equipment classes, chair classes, and mat classes. The mat classes work to balance all muscle groups while they emphasize the core. This class incorporates a mix of techniques, including using various props and light weights. You can pay for individual classes or you can pay for a monthly membership. Many of their classes work for people who are experienced and for beginners. 

The instructors at Clearly Pilates can even tailor your workout to suit you best. They offer balance and gait assessments, where they use real-time-motion analyzing technology to track your body’s movements. It will show you the small, barely perceptible variations in your balance. You’ll learn lots of data about your movements and walking patterns, which will then be used to explain or predict habits that are harmful to your body. There will be an initial assessment and then a re-assessment after you’ve completed a certain number of classes so they can gauge your progress. 

“Clearly Pilates is a small locally owned studio that offers a ton of classes. No matter what level you are, beginner or master, this studio has it all. Melanie's hips and glutes is my favorite. She really understands where you should be feeling the exercise and has no problem adjusting you if you're not doing it correctly. But also modifies moves if you have an injury or are just unable to do them. I'm excited to checkout more of their classes in the future.”--Yelp Review

The Studio Sewickley

This Pilates studio will help you accomplish the goals you set for yourself. 

A woman tying the peach laces on her black sneakers.
Get ready to start a vigorous fitness regime that will improve your body and your mind.

431 Beaver St | Sewickley | thestudiosewickley.com

This studio is committed to helping their patrons achieve their goals. They specialize in a regime that involves your mind and body to promote stretch, control, and balance. Their instructors specialize in techniques made for body renewal. They also offer classes focused on bringing you therapeutic benefits, even more so than their average classes. They make space for lots of healing and improvement. 

The Studio Sewickley's instructors offer private classes, semi-private ones, and trio and quad equipment sessions. They also offer group mat classes. In the semi-private classes, the instructor will train two students at a time. The trio classes involve three students and the quad classes have four of them. Each of those classes uses props such as the reformer, chairs, and mats to earn you results. 

All their instructors are certified in pilates and also hold specialized certification in the Barre Amped method of pilates. This method blends therapeutic stretches along with pilates and yoga. It involves stretching that works every muscle group and will leave you feeling stronger. This method places a lot of focus on posture and positioning. You’ll end up becoming stronger, leaner, and more flexible as you practice this method. There are different variations of Barre Amped classes. Aside from the main Barre Amped classes, you can take Barre Amped Fire and Barre Amped Extreme Cardio.

“Very nice clean studio, fully equipped, new equipment (I didn't take a reformer class, so review is more for the TRX, weights, mats, etc). Mary's Class was awesome, she totally kicked my butt the entire class.  Felt stronger after her class”--Yelp Review

Pilates is a practice that brings great benefits to many people. If you want those same benefits, head to one of Pittsburgh’s best pilates studios soon! You have so much to gain from this mindful exercise. Strength, flexibility, and coordination are just a few of the results you’ll gain. The benefits to your mind and body will be immense.