Pilates Studios in Shadyside

Image courtesy of Women’s Health Mag

Pilates is an exercise that develops the midsection along with other areas of the body to make you  stronger and more flexible. It involves doing flowing exercises alongside consistent breathing-patterns. Regular practitioners develop longer and leaner muscles as well as improved posture. It also develops focus and control. It was developed during the 20th century as an exercise that helps to heal the mind and body. Pilates can be beneficial to experienced students and beginners alike. Some versions must be done with equipment while other versions do not require it. You will notice your better overall health when you take up this practice yourself. Shadyside has a few great studios that you can try out. 

Club Pilates

This Pilates studio will help you work your way to a better life. 

A line of people using pilates equipment for their arms.
This class is working on legs and arms at the same time. Image courtesy of Club Pilates.

5430 Centre Ave | Shadyside | clubpilates.com

Club Pilates believes that pilates is the key to a fuller and more satisfactory physical experience in life. They believe that gaining control over your own body will help you to gain control of your life. Club Pilates was founded in San Diego in 2007, and since then, it has expanded throughout the country. 

Club Pilates uses a modernized version of the original Reformer-based Contrology Method developed by Joseph Pilates. Their classes include group practices with state-of-the-art equipment. They promise that the training they offer will be high-quality and even life-changing. 

This pilates studio offers classes for people of all levels. Their instructors have gone through hundreds of hours of training so that they can provide the best instruction possible. In these classes you’ll likely use different kinds of equipment like mats, rollers, Bosu balls, and more. 

“This is the best workout in Pittsburgh!  Amazing group of instructors, every single one is amazing! It's a supportive non judgemental atmosphere to learn new skills and get a great workout!  People of all shapes and sizes coming together to sweat and get healthy!  If you want to get stronger and more healthy, give it a try!  Your intro class is free, you have nothing to lose!”--Yelp Review

Dragonfly Pilates

This studio will tailor your workout to best benefit your body. 

People laying on their back on mats lifting light weights.
This type of pilates can be done with minimal equipment. Image courtesy of Dragonfly Pilates

5518 Walnut St | Shadyside | dragonflypilates.com

Dragonfly Pilates believes that everyone can benefit from practicing pilates. Each of their clients has to start off with an initial evaluation in a private session. They’ll introduce you to pilates in a comfortable, one-on-one setting, and also get the opportunity to learn your needs and limitations. They work to provide you with a training plan that will work best for you. 

After your initial evaluation, the instructors will decide whether to place you in a private class, a group class, or a combination of both. They even let you have some input on the decision. 

Dragonfly Pilates is now operating solely online until further notice. There are a maximum of four members per group class allowed so that the instructor can give out plenty of individual attention. They even have virtual home kits available for students who don’t already have certain necessary items!

“All of the instructors at Dragonfly are fantastic. They are knowledgeable about anatomy and always take into account each student's anatomical and physiological idiosyncrasies. I always leave a class (whether group or private) feeling challenged and mentally refreshed.”--Yelp Review

Solidcore Pittsburgh

This studio has all the equipment that you’ll need. 

A line of people stretching out their bodies on a pilates machine.
You likely will have a solid core after a few reps on these. Image courtesy of Yelp.

6133 Spirit St | Shadyside | solidcore.co

Solidcore offers a wide range of classes that suit different student’s needs. Their classes vary by length, muscle focus, and experience level. You have the option to take a quick 10 minute class or a full-length class that lasts for 60 minutes. 

This studio offers classes both online and in-person. Some classes will require equipment but some classes don't require equipment at all. They have the necessary equipment in the studio, but will recommend the equipment you’ll need to get when you’re practicing at home. What they usually recommend for home practitioners is a pair of gliders, light weights, and a mat. 

“Solidcore” is an intensified version of pilates. It involves a 50-minute high intensity, low impact resistance training that targets the core along with the lower and upper body. You can book a semi-private training session for you and your friends, a foundation class for all skill levels, or a community class with a coach in training. 

“My favorite place to workout in Pittsburgh! I started going to solidcore when I lived in DC and was thrilled to find out a Pittsburgh location was in the works. This is the hardest workout that I've ever done since ending my career as a collegiate swimmer. No other workout has challenged me more or given me amazing results like this one. If you're bored by your current fitness routine, definitely give [solidcore] a try.”--Yelp Review

Harmony Pilates

This pilates studio will help you accomplish the goals you set for yourself. 

Five people laying on pilates machines while a teacher instructs them.
This pose looks like it's both strenuous and relaxing. Image courtesy of Yelp

201 S Highland Ave | Shadyside | movewithharmony.com

Harmony Pilates blends the traditional method of pilates and the gyrotonic method along with their own teachings. They aim to surprise their clients with new results. Each session is meant to empower clients to connect to their bodies in a way that relates well to their everyday activities. 

The instructors at this studio have a high degree of expertise when it comes to their pilates teachings. They give each student a lot of attention and make sure that their bodies are properly aligned and comfortable during the workout. They guide their clients towards positive shifts in their bodies and lives. 

The instructors use your experience in their classes to create a more individualized approach for you as they go along. They can address any concerns from athletic goals, injuries, or pregnancy. 

“I began my Pilates practice at Harmony two years ago with the goal of increasing my core strength. As a dedicated jitterbug dancer I wanted to improve my balance, my endurance and my range of motion. What I got was so much more! The instructors are so on point, talented and knowledgeable. Truly the best of the best. Thank you Harmony Pilates!”--Yelp Review

Pilates is a beneficial exercise that improves the minds and bodies of those who practice it. Strength, flexibility, and coordination are just a few of the results that people gain from regular pilates exercises. If those benefits sound like something you’d want for yourself, head down to one of Shadyside’s pilates studios soon!