Pittsburgh Restaurants Duquesne Students Love

Image courtesy of Duquesne University

Duquesne University sits right in Uptown Pittsburgh, just blocks away from Downtown and a bridge away from the South Side. Both Downtown and the South Side are filled with all kinds of great restaurants. They are among the liveliest neighborhoods in Pittsburgh. You’ll find lots of shops, restaurants, and other attractions in both neighborhoods. All it takes to find great food is to just walk a few blocks away from campus. Getting downtown requires a really short walk that you will be happy to make. Here are some of the restaurants that Duquesne students love!

Waffles Incaffeinated

This brunch spot is a favorite in the city.  

A Belgian waffle topped with an egg and bacon bits.
This savory waffle packs a lot of great flavor. Image courtesy of Yelp

456 5th Ave | Downtown | wafflesincaffeinated.com/downtown

Waffles Incaffeinated is a breakfast restaurant that is open during peak brunch hours. They serve the most amazing waffles in the city. You can get sweet waffles like the bananas foster and the mega berry, or savory waffles like chicken and waffles and egg benedict. You even have the option to create your own with various toppings and mix-ins! 

And while their waffles are the main attraction, you can also find other breakfast options. You can choose from crepes, sandwiches, and several omelets. Their omelets include mushroom chevre, caprese crab, and southwest. 

“Outstanding food! Fresh ingredients, everything seasoned well! Can't recommend this place enough! Wish they were open late!” -- Yelp Review


This restaurant serves up quick food that is also healthy. 

Two salad bowls and two burritos next to two smoothies and a cup of soup.
This lunch will have you filled with healthy energy. Image courtesy of Yelp

501 Grant St | Downtown | freshii.com/ca/en-ca/home

Freshii offers great food options, especially for health conscious people. They serve breakfast and lunch using fresh ingredients that are meant to nourish your body. You can get breakfast in the form of a burrito, a smoothie bowl, or a chia pudding. For lunch, you can choose between salads, wraps, and bowls. 

The superfood smoothies are a popular choice. You get to choose between tropical mango, chocolate peanut butter, strawberry banana, or green smoothies. If you want even more smoothie options, you can head over to Salud Juicery. They have a great selection of smoothie bowls over in Shadyside!

“I just can't believe how wonderful this place is. In fact I'm on my way there now. I love kale. I love the atmosphere and being totally healthy.” Yelp Review

The Speckled Egg

This restaurant serves delicious breakfast in a classy atmosphere. 

Sunny side up eggs with toast, bacon, and pineapples, with side orange juice.
This breakfast is the perfect way to get the day started. Image courtesy of Yelp.

501 Grant St | Downtown | thespeckledeggpgh.com

The Speckled Egg is a delicious breakfast spot with an amazing atmosphere. When you’re inside, you’ll feel as if you’re in an upscale restaurant, but the prices are very affordable. They have an extensive menu filled with awesome foods, some with amusing names. You can order “The Millennial” which is avocado toast. They also serve pancakes, French toast, salads, and chia puddings among other things.

You’ll have to make a reservation to eat there, but you normally don’t have to wait long to be seated. Your experience at this restaurant should be great from start to finish.  

“My friends and I have been wanting to visit here for brunch for about a year now and we finally went! It was very delicious and the atmosphere was amazing. The brown butter toast is a must!” -- Yelp Review

Souper Bowl

This restaurant serves traditional bar foods that fill you up.

A cheesy burger next to crispy fries.
This is the kind of meal that really satisfies you during a long night out. Image courtesy of Yelp

910 5th Ave | Hill District | souperbowlpgh.com

The Souper Bowl is a really casual spot that serves amazing bar food. This place always plays whatever games are on, and often draws a sports loving crowd. The staff as well as the patrons are friendly and love to share a good time. On the menu, they offer nachos, fries, and wings. They also have several choices for burgers, sandwiches, and wraps. 

This restaurant is a great place to hang out and have a good time with other people. They are often open late for games, so you can stay and enjoy them for as long as they are on! They are there for when you want to enjoy a meal before or after the game. 

“Best bar in Pittsburgh. Great beer and fried bar food at excellent prices.  Great local vibe and friendly staff.  The kind of place that makes you want to move here just so you can hang out.” -- Yelp Review

TGI Friday’s

This popular restaurant is always a good time!

A burger topped with bacon and an egg next to fries.
This burger looks beyond satisfying. Image courtesy of Uber Eats

401 Hastings St | Point Breeze | pointbrugge.com/point-brugge

TGI Friday’s is a popular chain restaurant that serves great American foods. They have an extensive menu that features wings, mozzarella sticks, sliders, pretzels, pot stickers, and loaded potato skin for appetizers. For an entrée, you can try their popular whiskey glazed ribs. They even have steaks and burgers topped with the same sauce. 

The menu is filled with great options. You can get chicken, pasta, sandwiches, and salads. You can also get family platters and party trays. They come with large amounts and varieties to share with the whole table. You can get family sized mashed potatoes, pastas, meats, breads, and even desserts. Their desserts include a rainbow cake, caramel pecan cheesecake, and fudge brownies topped with ice cream. 

“This place is one of the best options for having lunch in the area. The service was fast and nice. I ordered glazed salmon. The size of salmon was small but enough for lunch if you need to get back to work. In my previous visits, I had tried their baby back rib that was tasty, too.” -- Yelp Review

Duquesne University is around some really amazing restaurants. Make sure you don’t miss out on these opportunities to enjoy great food right near campus. Stop by some of these restaurants for your next meal!