Shop Local at These Top 6 Pittsburgh Farmers Markets

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If you’re looking to ditch your grocery store routine, choosing from dull fruits and vegetables that have been sitting on their shelf for an indeterminable amount of time, consider venturing to a local farmers market in Pittsburgh instead. With these top six farmers market options throughout Pittsburgh, you’ll be well on your way to stocking up on organic, fresh produce.

East Liberty Farmers Market

Voted one of the best markets in Pittsburgh, this market is the heart of East Liberty has a great selection of produce, baked goods, and unexpected items

Patrons standing at farmers market stand
Keep an eye out for East Liberty’s changing vendors -- sometimes they vendors that sell flowers, gifts, and gardening supplies. Image courtesy of John Colombo.

East Liberty |

Open from May 10th to November 22nd, this market contains booths from twenty different vendors each week. Located off of Euclid Avenue, this market contains not only fresh fruits and vegetables, but also cuisine from various different cultures. Currently, the market contains vendors that specialize in Jamaican and Greek food, and also hosts booths that sell fresh homemade bread, freshly ground coffee, and even naturally-derived soaps.

This market also caters to those with dietary restrictions, as they have a variety of gluten-free, dairy-free, organic, vegetarian, and vegan options. This smaller market packs a punch -- there’s something for everyone here!

Lawrenceville Farmers Market

A well-established and long-running staple of the Pittsburgh farmers market community

Women standing with lettuce
If you’re looking to get involved in the Lawrenceville or Pittsburgh community, the Lawrenceville Farmers Market is always looking for volunteers! Volunteers are what allow the market to run throughout the year, allowing people from all socioeconomic backgrounds to have access to locally-grown, healthy, and diverse food. Image courtesy of Lawrenceville Farmers Market.

Lawrenceville | LUnited.Org

Rain or shine, this farmers market located on the border of central and lower Lawrencville is open every Tuesday from 3pm to 7pm. Their 2021 season runs from May 18th through December 14th.

The thirty vendors of this market set up their booths in Arsenal Park each week, with many businesses specializing in produce, beverages, or baked goods. Some of the other notable vendors this year include businesses that offer pet and home products, pickled products of all sorts, prepared meals, and skin care products. For a full list of the vendors this year, check out the farmers market’s website, where you can find each business’s social media, market dates, and individual websites.

One unique facet of the Lawrenceville Farmers Market is specially designated time slots for those who were disproportionately affected by the pandemic to come explore the market comfortably. This hour requires that all patrons wear a mask, but outside of that time frame, masks are not required. For more information about their policies, check out the updates on their website.

Bloomfield Saturday Market

A year-round market located off of East Liberty

Sign in front of market booth
Bloomfield Saturday Market allows vendors three free opportunities to sell at the market, making for a more diverse experience with new businesses each time you visit. Image courtesy of Bloomfield Development.

Bloomfield | BloomfieldPGH.Org

This fan-favorite farmers market that runs during the summer offers food and products from vegan vendors and places an emphasis on locally grown and produced products. Their Saturday Market runs from 9am to 1pm each Saturday between May 8th and November 20th on Liberty Avenue, and offers a variety of local vendors. From tea to hummus to on-the-go healthy meals, Bloomfield has a bit of everything for everyone.

If you’re looking to go an extra mile to support the Pittsburgh community and possibly meet some fellow farmers market lovers in the process, consider volunteering for Bloomfield Saturday Market. They’re always looking for some help with simple tasks that make a huge difference for the market, the vendors, and the community at large.

Northside Farmers Market

A great place to find diverse products and food across the river

Bluberry and strawberry carts
Stop at Northside for coffee and a pastry or two! They have multiple vendors that sell pastries and ground coffee. Image courtesy of Pittsburgh Parks.

Northside | NorthsideMarket.Org

With 24 vendors and a season that lasts from May 14th to November 19th, this market is a perfect spot to find great produce across the Allegheny River. Many of their vendors offer produce grown through sustainable means or through organic methods. They also offer meals from all around the world, with a vegan Trinidadian vendor and a Bulgarian bakery as just a few examples.

In addition to food and produce, this market frequently has vendors that offer baked goods, various beverages, and some oddities like a stand dedicated to mushrooms of all sorts.

This market is run by the same group that organizes the East Liberty Farmers Market, meaning that they share many of the same vendors. So, if you miss out on the East Liberty market, be sure to check out Northside’s!

Forest Hills Farmers Market

A market run by the public, for the public

Corn shuck pile
The Forest Hills Farmers Market is operated by the Late Bloomers Gardening Club, which is a group of women that tend gardens in the area. They meet every month to develop plans for how they’ll make Pittsburgh even more beautiful! Image courtesy of Forest Hills Farmers Market.

Forest Hills |

Located at the Forest Hills Presbyterian Church, this market is open on Fridays from 4pm to 7pm. Their season runs from May through October, and it is organized by the Late Bloomers Gardening Club.

Some examples of previous vendors that the market has hosted include: Cherish Creamery, Bates & Hayes Concessions, Billy’s Country Smokehouse, Harvest Valley Farms, Hello Hummus, Logan Family Farms, Monroe’s Coffee, McElhinny Farm, Olive & Marlowe, Pasta Bill, Sandhill Berries, and Wood Street Bread Company.

Farmers Market Co-op of East Liberty

A long-standing farmers market in the heart of East Liberty

Storefront of Coop
While the Coop of East Liberty may not have a vast number of different vendors, their commitment to holding the market rain or shine more than makes up for their quantity of products. Image courtesy of Farm to Table PA.

East Liberty |

Open since 1941, this farmers market has been bringing flavorful produce and products to East Liberty every year since. The market is open year-round on Saturdays from 5am to noon near the intersection of Centre Ave and East Liberty Boulevard.

They host special events nearly every month, which you can read more about on the market’s website. The market aspires to not only provide food and products to go towards their patrons’ meals, but also teach them how to make those meals. Recipes that utilize their vendors’ products can be found on the coop’s website.

Some of the vendors of the coop include Better-Maid Donuts, Blue Rose Creations, Handmade Items from Uganda, The Greek Gourmet, Wheel and Wedge Cheese, Wood Street Bread Company, and many more amazing options.

Whether you’re looking for specific products, a variety of fresh produce, or you simply desire to explore the Pittsburgh community, these farmers markets are a great place to start. Any one of these options on our list are sure to expose you to a new side of Pittsburgh, while introducing you to new food in return.