Superfoods That Would Make the Perfect Addition to Your Next Smoothie, Juice, or Bowl

Smoothies, juices, and smoothie bowls are delicious and delightful ways to get a variety of nutrients into your diet in an easy way. These tasty combinations of fruits and vegetables are some of the best ways to start off your day with a boost of energy and nutrients and have long been popular breakfast foods. 

While your regular smoothie is often packed with nutrients and deliciousness, we’re going to share some of the best superfoods you can add to your smoothie, juice, or bowl to create an epic superfood smoothie filled with even more power. 

Keep reading to find out what superfoods to add to your smoothie, juice, or bowl and how to make awesome recipes like:

  • Avocado and peanut butter superfood smoothie
  • Blackberry and chia seed superfood smoothie
  • Spirulina tropical swirl super smoothie

Six superfoods to add to your next smoothie, juice, or bowl. 

These incredible food make great additions to any one of your favorite breakfast foods or drinks

Hemp seeds

Hemp seeds (also known as hemp hearts) are some of the most amazing superfoods you can find. They are tiny but filled with so many nutritional benefits including omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, iron and calcium. 

Hemp seeds are anti-inflammatory and high in antioxidants and can help with recovery from some kinds of diseases, injury, and exercises. They’ve also been shown to help boost metabolism and have many benefits for hair, skin and nails.

These impressive seeds are great for sprinkling on top of your favorite smoothie or bowl for a little crunch, blending them into your smoothie for a mild nutty flavor, or even making hemp milk which can add a nice base to your smoothie or bowl. 

Chia seeds

Like hemp seeds, chia seeds are tiny but mighty. They are filled with antioxidants and omega-3s as well as fiber and provide lots of nutrients in just one tablespoon. In fact, chia seeds provide 4.7 grams of protein and 9.8 grams of fiber in just two tablespoons!

Not only are chia seeds incredibly powerful, they are also incredibly versatile in all types of foods including smoothies and bowls. They make great toppings for both smoothies and bowls, and can be blended into smoothies in two different ways. 

The first way to include chia seeds into your smoothie is to blend the seeds in with everything else just as you would hemp seeds or flax seeds. 

The second way to incorporate chia seeds into your smoothie is to soak them in a little water before adding them to your smoothie. This allows the chia seeds to form a kind of gel that can be blended with the rest of your smoothie for a boost of hydration and energy. 


Ever wanted to add chocolate to your smoothies but didn’t want the sugar? Try cacao! You can get cacao in many different forms, including in powder form or as cacao nibs. 

Cacao is the purest form of chocolate and contains no sugar, allowing it to provide all the benefits of chocolate without the effects of sugar and other processed elements. 

Cacao is full of flavonoids, powerful antioxidants that contain many anti-inflammatory properties, and is an excellent source of fats and minerals. Its rich chocolate flavor brings much flavor to smoothies and is best in combination with such flavors as cherry, raspberry, strawberry, or even cinnamon. 

Acai is one of the most popular superfoods and is often eaten in the form of an acai bowl or smoothie. 


While it may seem odd to add avocado to your morning smoothie, avocados are perfect for adding lots of healthy fat to your favorite smoothie. Not only are avocados high in healthy fats such as omega-3s, their creamy texture and mild taste make them a great base food for any fruit/veggie smoothie combination. 

Have a favorite green smoothie that could just be a little less watery? Adding a little avocado to a green smoothie can help to thicken up these usually water-based drinks making them creamy and delicious. 


Acai berries may be a bit hard to come by but you can find reasonably priced acai powder and acai smoothie packs in most health food or grocery stores. Acai is delicious and mixes well with other berries and fruits. 

Acai is also extremely nutritious with many antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that have been linked to reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and some cancers. This powerful superfood is the perfect addition to any breakfast smoothie. 


One of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet, spirulina is a beautiful bright green color that is sure to brighten up any smoothie or bowl that you add it to. This freshwater algae is most often found in powder or tablet form, powder being the best for smoothie making. 

It doesn’t take a lot of spirulina to make your regular smoothie into a superfood smoothie. All you need is one teaspoon of spirulina powder to make your smoothie into the most nutritious and beautiful green smoothie you ever did see!

Four superfood smoothie recipes to add to your morning routine

These superfood smoothies are bound to boost your breakfast to new heights.

Now that we’ve shared some of our favorite superfoods to add to your smoothies, we’ve got some awesome recipes to share! Here are some great superfood smoothies to add to your recipe book. 

The blackberry banana chia smoothie

This dark purple smoothie is packed with nutrients and goodness. While blackberries were not included on our list, they are incredibly nutritious and are considered superfoods by many. In combination with the delicious sweetness of banana and the powerful chia seeds, this smoothie is bound to start your day off in a berry good way. 

Superfood smoothies are often bright and colorful making them even more enticing as morning starters. 

Avocado and peanut butter green smoothie

An avocado, peanut butter, and green smoothie might sound like it will stick your mouth together, but this creamy smoothie is the perfect combination of smooth and satisfying. With healthy fats from avocado and peanut butter and all the nutrition of greens and mango, this smoothie will fill you up with fuel for the day. 

Adding a light shaving of cacao nibs could be a delicious addition to this satisfying superfood smoothie.

Spirulina tropical swirl super smoothie

This tropical smoothie is filled with delicious fruits like mango, orange, and banana and a little bit of spirulina. It is both nutritious and beautiful with the swirl of dark green through the pale base. To transform this tropical smoothie into a delicious superfood smoothie, try adding a bit of acai powder and sprinkling some chia seeds on top. 

You can find this recipe, as well as many other superfood smoothies here, or stop by Salud Juicery to check out all the superfood smoothies on our menu.