The Best Restaurants on Pitt's Main Campus

Image courtesy of Good Food Pittsburgh

Pitt’s campus is right in the midst of a thriving urban area. It is surrounded by several restaurants that its residents get to enjoy on a regular basis. In between different university buildings, you’ll find all kinds of restaurants. Many of these venues serve cuisines from all over the world. There are Korean restaurants, Mexican restaurants, American restaurants, and Turkish restaurants along with many other cuisines. 

When you’re on campus, you’ll have an abundance of amazing restaurants to choose from! You can never get bored of eating the same things when there is so much food right nearby. Some of these local restaurants are definitely worth trying out. Here are some of the best restaurants to visit on Pitt’s campus!

The Porch

This restaurant serves both Italian and American foods!

The outside of a restaurant called The Porch.
This restaurant looks like a great brunch spot. Image courtesy of TribLive

221 Schenley Dr | Oakland |

The Porch is a restaurant that serves Italian and American foods. They make their meals with the freshest local ingredients that they can access. They even grow some of those ingredients themselves! They have an annual garden on their rooftop that produces the fresh herbs that they place into their food. Their rooftop also houses several beehives that produce the honey they serve. 

Their style of service changes throughout the day. In the mornings, you can get in line and order your breakfast to go, in the afternoon, you order at the counter and then move to a table to wait for your meal, and at dinner time, they offer full-service dining. You can order burgers, pizza, and salads, along with entrees like lobster mac and grilled lamb chops. They also serve desserts like peach cobbler and creme brulee. The chef even offers a rotating “special dessert.”

Stack’d Burgers & Beer

This restaurant likes to pile their burgers high with toppings. 

Three burgers piled with toppings behind fries.
You’ll have to open really wide to bite into these tall burgers! Image courtesy of Facebook

3716 Forbes Ave | Oakland |

Stack’d lives up to its name by serving up burgers that are stacked with toppings. The average burger they serve is topped with two meat patties. You have the option to get more or less on top of your own burger. There are no standard burgers on the menu, you get to create your own! You’ll pick from a wide array of toppings and sauces, including cheese, veggies, and condiments. 

This restaurant also sells what many consider to be the best buffalo wings in Pittsburgh! You will also appreciate their delicious hand-spun shakes. 

Turkish Grille 

This restaurant fulfills resident’s cravings for Middle Eastern food. 

A six plate spread of Turkish food.
This looks like a fun feast to share with friends. Image courtesy of Open Table

272 Melwood Ave | Oakland |

Turkish Grille offers authentic Turkish food to Oakland’s residents. Turkish food is incredibly rich in flavor because of the source of their ingredients. This restaurant shows you just how great those ingredients are when combined. Their menu is extensive and affordable. They have a separate lunch and dinner menu and offer lower prices for lunch. 

For lunch, you can order falafel, meatballs, and meat skewers. For appetizers, they have hummus, eggplant soup, and fried zucchini. For dinner, you get to choose between several lamb, chicken, seafood, and vegetable entrees. 

Oishii Bento

This restaurant offers amazing Asian comfort food. 

A container of sushi on the eft and sashimi on the right.
This looks like a great lunch to keep you going through the day. Image courtesy of Oishii Bento.

119 Oakland Ave | Oakland |

Oishii Bento is where you can get both Japanese and Korean food. They offer this food at really great prices. You can order the bento boxes this restaurant is named for, get one of their Bibimbap bowls, or an udon bowl. Their sides include kimchi, seaweed salad, and miso soup. Their teriyaki bowls are one of their most popular options. You can get teriyaki tofu, chicken, beef, or vegetables, or a combination that includes shrimp. 

This restaurant’s authentic cuisine has a focus on health and well-being. The owners  founded this place with the goal of providing a healthy food option in the neighborhood. They serve food that is both healthy and delicious. 

Antoon’s Pizza

This place offers great pizza at surprisingly low prices!

A chesey and crispy pizza.
This pizza was baked to perfection. Image courtesy of One Bite

247 Atwood St | Oakland |

Antoon’s sells amazing pizza with prices that are far lower than most other pizza places. You can get a large pizza for just $6 there! It is perfect for a college student’s budget. Antoon’s is open until 2 a.m. They often have lines outside their store late at night filled with people who want their delicious and cheap pizzas. Each pizza is done in minutes, so you will not have to wait long from the time you order. 

Antoon’s isn’t a sit down restaurant. There is no seating available, but it is popular for its quick and convenient service. Once you grab your pizza, you get to head right home to enjoy it in your own space!

Mad Mex

This Mexican restaurant serves substantial portions. 

Three crispy fish tacos.
These crispy tacos look quite satisfying to bite into. Image courtesy of Facebook

370 Atwood St | Oakland |

Mad Mex serves up Tex Mex food that is popular in the area. They serve massive portions that give you a great value for your money. Their burritos are twice the size of a burrito that you would find elsewhere. They are large, square, and filled with various toppings. They also have tacos, quesadilla, fajitas, and wraps. They even have fun seasonal staples! Their apple cider margarita has returned, along with the “gobblerito,” a thanksgiving themed burrito filled with turkey and stuffing. 

They also have a nice selection of desserts, which include chocolate hazelnut churros, ice-cream burritos, and Mexican chocolate brownies. Their drink menu is one of their best features!

Pitt’s campus is filled with many types of restaurants that you will miss out on if you never visit. With foods from several different countries available right on campus, it is hard to get bored with the selection. Make sure to take advantage of all the amazing food right within walking distance of your home!