The Top 6 Parks in Sewickley, PA

Main image courtesy of Sewickley Borough.

While Sewickley, Pennsylvania holds a reputation as a small town in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, it’s home to a wide variety of parks and walking trails throughout the area. If you’re looking to explore the town, check out some of the parks on our list of the six best (and only) parks in Sewickley.

Chadwick Street Park

A low-incline park with riverside views and a baseball field

Park playground
Besides being a great park with a wide variety of amenities, Chadwick Street Park is a perfect place for photo opps! Image courtesy of Sewickley Borough.

302 Chadwick Street |

Chadwick Street Park, located adjacent to the Ohio River, has a variety of amenities for its patrons. With a baseball field, park, tennis court, and picnic tables, this park is a perfect place to spend the afternoon and catch great views of the river.

The park is located next to the Montessori School, which donated funds to build the park and its many amenities. The baseball fields are also used by the Quaker Valley girls softball team that frequently hold games and practices at the field during the season.

“This field is well kept and the added fencing gives more protection for the players. I don't recommend parking on the street in front of the field as there are always foul balls coming for your vehicle! There is a tiny park for younger kids with a basketball court behind the tennis courts. This is a great place for a ball game or a play date with your youngsters!” -Google Review

Maple Lane Playground

A quaint park with a large playground, tennis court, and amazing views of the Ohio River

Swing sets and playground at park
Maple Lane Park is lined with a nice white fencing and metal fencing to keep all children safe and away from the busy street. This is the perfect place to let kids roam!  Image courtesy of Sewickley Borough.

804 Maple Ln |

This multifaceted playground is a perfect place to let the kids run free for an afternoon and explore the small park. Located just a few steps from the river, this park would make for a great leisurely stroll with a significant other or quick run early in the morning.

The park contains a large playplace with multiple slides of varying sizes, as well as swing sets for toddlers and older children. One of the swing sets even contains a handicap-accessible option so that everyone can enjoy all the park has to offer. Additionally, there is a well-maintained tennis court next to the park that is open to the public.

The park is located in a quiet neighborhood and is just a quick ten minute walk from the Sewickley Bridge. With great views and a convenient location, this park is a must -- especially for kids of all ages!

Park Place

A small park with a canopy of greenery covering it

Park Place plaque on rock
The Sewickley Valley Tree Fund designed and planted Park Place’s greenery, and has served to preserve and develop parks and wooded areas in the Sewickley area for decades. Image courtesy of Sewickley Borough.

1108 Ohio River Boulevard |

Located off of Walnut Street and in front of St. James Roman Catholic Parish, Park Place is a small green area with a statue in the heart of it. The park was established in 1982 by the Sewickley Valley Tree Fund, and greenery lines the entire area.

If you’re a member of St. James,’ or a curious community member looking to explore, check out one of the church's many events that take place near or at Park Place. Additionally, just down the street from the park is the Sewickley Farmers Market, which takes place on Saturdays throughout the year.

Riverfront Park

A simple but unique park experience with a human sundial, tennis courts, and walkways

Anchor exhibit at Riverfront Park
Riverfront Park is a great learning opportunity for children and adults alike with its human sundial, locomotive exhibit, and anchor with an informative plaque. Image courtesy of Sewickley Borough.

240 Chadwick Street |

A stone’s throw from Chadwick Street Park, this larger park is home to a few unique amenities not found elsewhere in Sewickley. The park hosts a playground, multiple picnic tables and benches, and a walkway that extends the length of the area.

Their playground was recently built in the summer of 2017, is well-maintained, and looks out to the river. Right next to the park and its separate swing set is a pavilion that can be rented out through the park’s website.

The park also contains an analemmatic sundial, or a human sundial. It can be used by park-goers if they stand on the corresponding month, and the person’s shadow will be cast by the sun onto the current hour.

This park is typically most busy in the afternoons, with peak attendance falling around 2pm to 5pm each day. With trains consistently passing by, this park is a great place to get out of the house and take kids for the afternoon.

“Nice little park. The playground is small, but in really good condition. Nice walking area both elevated and  on the ground. Kids like playing on the elevated walk way. Nice pavilion.” -Google Review

War Memorial Park

One of the largest parks in Sewickley with a large playground and two mile-long hiking trail

Colorful park playground at War Memorial Park
Make sure to check out War Memorial Park’s signs around the area detailing the history of the park and the battles fought in the area throughout history. Image courtesy of Play Pittsburgh.

811 Blackburn Road |

Founded by the Sewickley Valley War Memorial Association, this park has since grown to have two impressive playgrounds, a walking trail, and pavilions that are perfect for an outdoor party.

The two playsets, the larger and smaller parts of Hoey’s Hideaway Playground, are perfect for kids ages five to twelve and include a rock wall, a zipline, swings, and more fun pieces to play on. Their swings include regular swings, baby swings, and accessible swings for everyone to be able play on. The park is canopied by surrounding trees, and the ground surrounding the playground is a soft rubber material that’s perfect for little feet and strollers.

The hiking trail that begins near the playground is two miles long and is of moderate incline reaching about 1,200 feet of total elevation. This trail is perfect for you’re looking for a more lowkey hike or a new route to take a run.

The trail is located within town and has houses surrounding it, so it’s vital that all hikers pay close attention to the trail markers. The trail turns around just at the border of Sewickley Heights, and overall is a great hiking option if you’re looking to surround yourself with Sewickley’s nature.

“Really beautiful trail with interesting things to look at and take pictures of. We spent the majority of the time just exploring the old structures and general terrain of the land. Really well kept and easy to follow. Only about a mile or so out and back on the main trail, but there was a lower trail you can follow as well. Not as crowded as Sewickley Borough Park... will definitely be back!” -All Trails Review

Wolcott Park

A small park and gazebo in the center of Sewickley’s business district

White gazebo with string lights
For one of the most beautiful sights in Sewickley, check out Wolcott Park’s beautiful lights at night in the winter. Image courtesy of Sewickley SOI.

Broad Street and Beaver Street |

In the heart of Sewickley’s downtown area, on the corner of Broad Street and Beaver Street, this park is the centerpiece of the town. The small park hosts a gazebo that is decorated throughout the year to celebrate each holiday, and also contains benches and tables for people to enjoy the downtown, people watch, and have a leisurely afternoon.

While a simple park with few bells and whistles, this patch of greenery is a relaxing space to be surrounded by nature within the business district.

Whether you’re looking for a park, a hiking trail, or just a relaxing spot in nature, Sewickley has it all. You’ll be sure to find amazing views and a leisurely break at any one of the Sewickley parks on our list.