Things to do in Oakland this Fall

Image courtesy of Next Pittsburgh

Oakland is one of the most lively neighborhoods in Pittsburgh. It is home to several colleges and universities. There is the University of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon, and Carlow University. The neighborhood is filled with college students and has many businesses throughout to accommodate them. There are several shops, eateries, and attractions. You’ll find food from several world cuisines in Oakland. They have Japanese, Italian, and Mexican food among others. 

The neighborhood has world class hospitals and world renowned museums within its borders. It is also home of the second biggest park in Pittsburgh, Schenley Park! It is difficult to be bored in Oakland. There is so much to do around nearly every corner. Here are some of the best things you can do in Oakland this fall!

Oakland Shops

Oakland has a few shops that you won’t regret visiting. 

A dim shop with shelves full of magic supplies.
These gift items aren’t what you’d find at the average store. Image courtesy of MapQuest

Hocus Pocus

113 Meyran Ave | Oakland |

Hocus Pocus is an occult gift shop that has been around since 1998. It is the oldest of its kind in Pittsburgh. They offer niche items you won’t find in most places. You can find tarot cards and sage, as well as gemstones and crystals. Their gemstones include amethyst, obsidian, citrine, and much more. You can likely find your birthstone! They even sell crystal balls and quartz wire rack necklaces. 

This store is the perfect place to shop for your spiritual friend, but even if someone isn’t a believer, they are bound to appreciate some of the unique products you can find there. 

Tea sets, fall decorations, and candles in a shop.
The right teas and candles can set the perfect fall ambiance. Image courtesy of Busy Bee in the City

Maggie & Stella’s Cards and Gifts

3925 5th Ave | Oakland |

Maggie and Stella’s sells special gifts for special occasions. They have everything from clothing and accessories to stationary and home décor. They offer gourmet food items and supplies. You can get an amazing tea pack with flavors like vanilla almond, ginger peach, and blueberry lavender. They also sell teapots that your friends would love to receive as gifts. They come in bright and vibrant colors, like multi-colored polka dots. Their candles are amazing as well. You get to choose between scents like coconut milk mango, Japanese plum, and fresh sea salt. They also offer special fall-themed items this season!

Oakland Attractions

Oakland is well known for its museums. 

The large skeleton of a dinosaur in a museum.
This is something that you don’t get to see everyday. Image courtesy of Carnegie Museum of Natural History

Carnegie Museums of Art and Natural History

4400 Forbes Ave | Oakland | /

The Carnegie Museum of Art displays over 34,000 pieces of art. They feature paintings, sculptures, architecture, photography, and more. The Hall of Architecture has a collection of over 140 plaster casts of architectural masterpieces from the past, and the Hall of Sculpture has plaster casts of sculptures from the 18th century and forward. The Hall of Sculpture balcony is reserved for decorative objects like glass, ceramics, and metal works. They also showcase rotating exhibits and international art works. 

The Carnegie Museum of Natural History has a dinosaur museum that is considered to be one of the best in the country. It showcases dozens of real fossils constructed in recreations of dinosaurs’ natural habitats. They have a hall of minerals and gems that exhibits over 1,300 specimens. They come from all over the world and come in a variety of different shapes, colors, and makeups. This museum also shows off replicas of other historic creatures, both on land and under the sea. Informational placards are present throughout every exhibit to explain the displays. 

The inside of a plant-filled greenhouse with a small pond.
This is a beautiful sight during any season. Image courtesy of Phipps Conservatory

Phipps Conservatory & Botanical Gardens 

1 Schenley Dr | Oakland |

Phipps Conservatory displays seasonal and permanent flower collections. The permanent plant collections include cacti, orchids, and ferns. They also display art, some of which is glass art work that’s staged in between the natural plants. To see the place, you can schedule a self-guided tour free of charge, a conservatory tour for an hour, or a greenhouse tour to learn how things are run behind the scenes. They also offer gardening and botanical classes, all while doing their part to help reverse climate change. 

Oakland Restaurants

Oakland’s restaurants offer up a variety of international cuisines. 

Two tacos. Ground beef on the left and shredded beef on right.
These tacos will satisfy your savory cravings. Image courtesy of Zomato

Las Palmas

326 Atwood St | Oakland 

Las Palmas is a popular Mexican restaurant. It is connected to a small Mexican grocery store and sells some of the best tacos in town. Their prices are really affordable, and for the price, you get large, authentic tacos piled high with toppings. There is someone making the tacos right outside the store. For your tacos, you can order beef, barbacoa, carnitas, and chicken. You get to add unlimited toppings. The options include guacamole, Pico de Gallo, cilantro, and more. Las Palmas is a great place to stop for a quick and inexpensive meal. 

A large wooden platter of sushi covered in a pale orange sauce.
This will be a very fulfilling lunch. Image courtesy of Yelp

Mount Everest Sushi

128 Oakland Ave | Oakland |

Mount Everest Sushi serves up delicious, fresh, and high quality sushi. Their food also happens to be very affordable, which is just one thing that makes this a popular destination. You can order sushi rolls, sushi donuts, poke bowls, and a whole lot more! They have appetizers like miso soup, seaweed salad, and crab salad. For your sushi, you have options like tuna, salmon, snapper, and crab. 

You can order your food in person or online. When you’re there, you get to experience their comfortable atmosphere and great service. 

Three tall cheeseburgers behind a pile of fries.
These burgers are stacked with toppings! Image courtesy of Facebook

Stack’d Burgers & Beer

3716 Forbes Ave | Oakland |

Stack’d Burgers & Beer offers custom made burgers, wings, beers, and milkshakes. Their burgers match up with their name. The ingredients are piled high on top of one, two, or even three burger patties. For appetizers, you can order buffalo potato skins, pierogis, and fried mac and cheese among other things. You can also order chicken tenders, salads, and soups. Any burger you order from Stack’d will be of your own creation!

Their hand-spun milkshakes include flavors like strawberry cheesecake, Oreo, and chocolate peanut butter. They also have the classic chocolate and vanilla flavors available, and a bar stocked with different beers. 

Oakland is a neighborhood with a lot to offer its residents. Just walking down the street can help you find fun things to do. Don’t miss out on this amazing neighborhood's shops and attractions!