Things to do in Sewickley this Fall

Image courtesy of Sewickley Borough

Sewickley is a residential suburb with a bustling business district. “Sewickley” is a Native American word that stands for “sweet water.” It has a population of nearly 4,000. All of its great amenities are within walking distance if you live in town. Sewickley is a safe and well-maintained community that its residents take a lot of pride in. Its business district is something that many people outside of town drive in to experience. In Sewickley, people get to enjoy great restaurants and shops on a regular basis. Here are a few of the best things to do in Sewickley during the fall!

Sewickley Shops

Sewickley is home to several amazing stores. 

A candle in a jar that says "besties" on top next to beaded jewlery.
Your best friend will be happy to receive these. Image courtesy of Yelp


447 Beaver St | Sewickley |

Bellwether was founded in 2015 by a former lifestyle blogger. She wanted to bring Sewickley a lifestyle store that catered to women of all ages and budgets. The store has since been taken over by a former loyal customer who is on the same mission. You can find something here that will fit with every part of your life. You can buy clothing and accessories, along with bath and beauty supplies. Anything in there can be a nice treat for yourself or a great gift for someone else! 

At this store, you can purchase things in person and online. Many of this shop’s items are things you’ve never known you needed, but will have to have once you see them! In there you’ll find Japanese Plum & White Tea bubble bath, chalkboard jars, marble soap dishes, and much more.  

A rustic-styled shop full of items like pillows, skin care, and candles.
Everything in there looks like it would make a great gift. Image courtesy of House 15143

House 15143

436 Beaver St | Sewickley |

House 15143 was established in 2011 by two friends with a passion for timeless designs. Everything that is sold in this store was picked out personally by the owners. They have their own personal approach towards gifting and decorating, something that makes this store a great gift-buying destination. They sell everything from house décor, luxury candles, and face masks. They have a selection of custom art prints and vintage items. The custom prints can be ordered online. They also sell seasonal items, so your fall-themed house decorations can probably be found there! 

The owners offer their own decorating services. You can book them for paint color consulting, room redesign, and concept and coordination of remodeling projects. This store even offers custom furniture. 

Sewickley Attractions

Sewickley has fun attractions as well as historical ones. 

A tombstone with an image of a war plane on it.
This memorial will teach you a lot about Western Pennsylvania history. Image courtesy of The Northside Chronicle

Tuskegee Airmen Memorial

501 Hopkins St | Sewickley |

The Tuskegee Airmen Memorial is the largest outdoor memorial in the country. It is located in the middle of a cemetery. It celebrates the legacy of nearly 100 Tuskegee Airmen who came from Western Pennsylvania. The Tuskegee Airmen were the first black pilots in our country’s military. They helped defeat the Nazis through immense amounts of racial discrimination. They faced discrimination in the army and in their civilian life due to the Jim Crow laws that were prevalent during the time. Despite their difficulties, they provided our army with superior service, which is why we honor them today. 

A distillery filled with barrels of their products.
This is bound to be a fun place to walk through. Image courtesy of Visit Pittsburgh

McLaughlin Distillery

3799 Blackburn Rd | Sewickley |

McLaughlin Distillery specializes in making bourbon, whiskey, and moonshine. They offer tastings and tours as well as bottle sales every day of the week. They will take you through their facilities and walk you through their entire process of making spirits. You’ll even get to see how they build their barrels. During the tour, you get to taste some of McLaughlin’s creations! They have over 30 products in total, so you should choose your flavors wisely. 

Sewickley Restaurants

Sewickley has plenty of great food and treats to offer visitors. 

Four plates with different brunch options: French toast with strawberries, veggie omelets, and sandwiches.
These brunch options look good for any time of day. Image courtesy of Uber Eats

Café Des Amis

443 Division St | Sewickley |

Café Des Amis has been under new ownership since November 2018. They offer a bistro-style café in a French atmosphere. They make everything fresh to order with all the finest ingredients. They offer plenty of sweet treats, but also make sure to offer as many healthy options as possible. You can order savory crepes like spinach and goat cheese, and a wide array of dessert crepes like chocolate mousse, apple pie, and cinnamon sugar donut. For sandwiches, you can order roasted chicken and brie on a baguette, and a BLT on a toasted croissant among many others. Quiches, waffles, and wraps are also on the menu!

This bistro sells breakfast and lunch all day, making it a perfect brunch spot! They also offer indoor dining as well as takeout. They even carry a full line of gluten-free products. All sandwiches, waffles, and pancakes can be made gluten free!

A cheesy soup in a small bowl.
This soup will warm you up in the midst of cooler fall weather. Image courtesy of Four Square

424 Walnut 

424 Walnut St | Sewickley |

424 Walnut serves American food with a focus on signature Italian dishes. They appeal to people who want a fine dining experience with a bit of fun. They believe in creating unforgettable meals and serving them in a comfortable environment. Their appetizers include mussels, shrimp cocktail, and stuffed banana peppers. The entrees include stuffed salmon with lump crabmeat and lemon butter, filet mignon with mushrooms and roasted garlic truffle butter, and jumbo scallops with butternut squash risotto. 

You can call and make reservations for any party size, and 424 Walnut will work to accommodate you. You can reserve tables or space for private events. This restaurant is only open for dinner and remains a popular dinner spot for Sewickley residents. 

Halloween themed cookie trays and pie bars.
These treats help to celebrate the fall season. Image courtesy of Yelp

The Ultimate Pastry Shop

445 Beaver St | Sewickley |

The Ultimate Pastry Shop has been a fixture in Sewickley since 1987. This old school bakery serves up delicious treats that get people into a celebratory mood. They sell birthday cakes, cupcakes, pies, and holiday-themed desserts. For birthday cakes, you can get white, yellow, chocolate, or marble with a number of different toppings and fillings. You can get a cake that offers 4 servings or 70! All you have to do is call two days before the birthday celebration that you need the cake for. 

This pastry shop doesn’t only offer treats for parties. You can go in at any time and choose from all their pre-prepared treats. They have tons of flavors for all their pastries, and many are on theme for the season! You can get pumpkin pie cupcakes, fresh cinnamon rolls, and apple walnut pies. They even make cakes for weddings!

Sewickley is a comfortable village with just enough great venues around to keep people entertained. When you’re there, you will have a memorable experience and hopefully leave with a few cool items!