Treat Yourself to Relaxation At the Best Massage Parlors in Shadyside

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Do you enjoy just being able to treat yourself to some relaxation? What better way to do so than by getting a massage! Getting a massage is one of the most relaxing things that you can possibly do, and even if they may be a bit pricey, just know that there is nothing wrong with focusing on yourself for once.

A massage may be what you need, especially if you have a job that can take a physical toll on you. From people who are constantly on their feet like frontline workers, men and women in physical labor jobs, and even individuals working in high-stress environments need a well-deserved massage. Looking for a massage parlor in Shadyside? Make sure to check out some of our favorite places to get a massage in Shadyside!

Evolve Wellness Spa

Looking to get a nice massage in Shadyside? Walk out of a massage feeling refreshed here!

If you want to get an amazing massage in Shadyside, consider going to Evolve Wellness Spa! Image courtesy of Evolve Wellness Spa.

228 S Highland Avenue |

Do you want to go to a spa where you will be rewarded with high relaxation? Consider going to Evolve Wellness Spa in Shadyside, a full-service spa that features everything from facials, massages, and even wellness coaching in a unique environment where you can relax and feel completely comfortable.

At Evolve Wellness Spa, you can get every service in the book, ranging from deep tissue massages, aromatherapy massages, dermaplaning, waxing, eyelash services, and so much more. With all of these incredible treatments to indulge in, why not check out Evolve Wellness Spa and treat yourself to something special today!

“I had never thought much about getting massages until Evolve was recommended to me by a colleague. I decided to book a lavender lush massage, and I’m so happy I did!” - Yelp Review

Zhang’s Relaxation Centre

Treat yourself to a relaxing massage at an affordable and incredible price to make you come back!

Looking for a relaxing massage? Consider getting one at Zhang’s Relaxation Centre in Shadyside! Image courtesy of Healthline.

5899 Ellsworth Avenue |

Are you struggling to find one of the best massage parlors in Shadyside? If so, then make sure to check out Zhang’s Relaxation Centre today for an enjoyable and relaxing massage and more! This massage parlor is a small, local business in this creative and fun neighborhood in Pittsburgh, and it’s one that you need to go to.

From lots of amazing kinds of massages, such as deep tissue massages, Swedish massages, and so much more. Zhang’s Relaxation Centre is known for listening to your needs and what kind of pain you are experiencing in your body to be able to work out the kinks so you can walk out feeling better than ever. Come to Zhang’s Relaxation Centre today!

“This place was awesome, and Mary was amazing. She gave me an incredible deep tissue massage and worked out all of my kinks and tensions.” - Yelp Review

LaVida Massage

Health and wellness massages or treatments are what you need to be able to relax!

LaVida Massage is the perfect place in Shadyside to be able to relax and work out the kinks in your body! Image courtesy of Yelp.

5430 Centre Avenue |

Do you want to go somewhere that is very clean and offers some fantastic massages? If you want to stay comfortable and also get a life changing massage to be able to eliminate the soreness from your body, go to LaVida Massage! LaVida Massage is located right on the bustling road of Centre Avenue that is also known for being very clean with friendly staff.

LaVida Massage offers lots of amazing services like Swedish massages, deep tissue massages, hot stone massages, a couple massage, and lots of exclusive facials and waxings too. Come to a place that promotes health and wellness that is unlike no other and book an appointment for LaVida Massage!

“The staff is very friendly, location is clean, and they practice excellent safety measures. My skin looks great and I already have the appointment scheduled for next month!” - Yelp Review

Hand and Stone Massage and Facial Spa

Restore and revitalize yourself and make sure to book an appointment at this spa!

Come to Hand and Stone Massage and Facial Spa where you can feel relaxed and comfortable! Image courtesy of Spa Week.

6102 Centre Avenue |

There is nothing better than being able to relax and indulge in a massage where you can feel rested and comfortable. If you want to go to a clean facility where you can get a multitude of services done for a great price, then make sure to come to Hand and Stone Massage and Facial Spa!

If you want to relieve tension, soothe your muscles, and go somewhere to help relieve chronic headaches, why not decide on some exceptional services. From an aromatherapy scalp massage, hand therapy, a hot towel hand or foot massage, a hot stone massage, and more. Check out Hand and Stone Massage and Facial Spa today!

“Hand and Foot provides the best customer service, quality massages, facials, and the best experience I’ve had so far in a spa.” - Yelp Review

Magical Hands Massage Therapy

In a terrific location is this fabulous massage parlor that you have to go to!

Magical Hands Massage Therapy is an incredible place to go to and get a massage like never before! Image courtesy of ClassPass.

235 Shady Avenue |

Are you struggling with sore muscles in your back, or other parts of your body? Consider Magical Hands Massage Therapy as your new place to splurge in with lots of fantastic massages, facials, hand massages, and so much more! We know that you also want to consider a place that will make you feel as if you’re right at home, and Magical Hands Massage Therapy is just it!

Rated as one of the best places to get a massage in Shadyside, we think that you need to consider coming here for many reasons. With services such as massage therapy, skin care treatments, waxings, and more, you can enjoy a day full of relaxation. Consider booking an appointment here for you, or even a party of people to relax and unwind!

“Naming a massage business “Magical Hands” is a bold move, but Rhonda backs it up. She found areas of my body that I didn’t know were upset and made magical things happen.” - Yelp Review

There are so many incredible massage parlors to go to in the beautiful and lovely neighborhood of Shadyside in Pittsburgh. Offering so many massages, facials, skin treatments, and countless other services is just what you need in order to relax after a long week, month, or even year working a hard job.

Stop what you’re doing and make sure to book an appointment for one of these top seven amazing spas in Shadyside, Pittsburgh today!