What Are The Benefits of A Juice Cleanse?

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A juice cleanse is a process that involves consuming only fruit and vegetable juice for a few days at a time. Cleanses have grown in popularity over the years due to all their discovered benefits. A cleanse can last anywhere from a day to a week, and can have different effects based on the length and your methods. The most popular reasons people have for choosing to do a juice cleanse include weight loss, detoxing, and replenishing the body with vitamins and minerals. 

A juice cleanse’s purpose is to improve the body’s overall health. Giving your body the nutrients it needs, helping your digestive system run more smoothly, along with dropping extra pounds are all things that can improve your body’s day to day functions. You can go on a cleanse when you need a quick fix, or you can make it a habit. There are many benefits you can get from a juice cleanse. We will let you know about the main ones!

What Are the Benefits of a Juice Cleanse?

There are several benefits to a juice cleanse. 

A juice cleanse can lead to weight loss, higher energy levels, and a smoother digestive system. Your energy levels will be improved by the amounts of vitamins and minerals you will take in during the process. Drinking lots of fruits and vegetable juices tends to bring your body more vitamins and minerals than you would normally get from eating them since one glass of juice offers more fruits and vegetables than you would normally eat in one sitting, but in a concentrated form. 

Vitamins and Minerals

A juice cleanse will fill your body with high levels of vitamins and minerals you might not normally get. 

An open green pill releasing tons of fruits and vegetables.
Taking in many fruits and vegetables with just one drink is a really strong vitamin boost. Image courtesy of Caviarlieri Switzerland

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is found in high quantities in orange and yellow fruits and vegetables. Carrots, oranges, and yellow peppers are a great source of this vitamin. Vitamin A stimulates the activity of red blood cells, improves eyesight, and regulates cell growth and division. Vitamin A also creates retinol, which is great for the skin. It's one of the vitamins that makes juicing lead to glowing skin. 

Vitamin B

Vitamin B promotes cell growth, high energy levels, and good digestion. You can find it in dark leafy greens like kale and spinach, and in bananas. Not getting enough vitamin B can cause a person to become fatigued, weak, and even depressed. When you get enough, you also help to ward off infections. 

Vitamin C 

Vitamin C is well known for boosting the immune system. You can find it in citrus fruits, but also in less sweet fruits like yellow peppers. It helps your immune system fight off small and large infections, helps heal wounds, and helps make collagen. Collagen is a protein in connective tissue that you can find in your nervous system, bone, cartilage, and blood. 

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is an antioxidant that helps to stop the damage caused by free radicals. It is important for the proper function of many organs in the body. Free radical damage is involved in artery clogging, vision loss, and several other chronic conditions. Vitamin E will protect your cells and your organs from this damage and can even reduce the production of free radicals in the first place. 

Weight Loss

A juice cleanse can jump start your weight loss goals. 

A scale with a tape measure surrounded by fruit, dumbbells, and a yoga mat.
Weight loss can be difficult, but fruit juice can help. Image courtesy of The Conversation

Weight loss is a very common goal for people. Carrying extra weight can lead to many adverse health effects that are best to avoid. Some of the issues extra weight can contribute to are heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes. These ailments can wreak havoc on the body, and can even lead to a higher susceptibility to other health issues. And sometimes, people simply have aesthetic goals they want to reach. 

A juice cleanse can lead to a significant amount of weight loss in a short period of time. Fruits and vegetables lack the amount of fat that can lead to weight gain, and it also passes quickly through your system in juice form. But while a juice cleanse does help you lose weight, it cannot be used as a long term solution. If you go right back to an unhealthy diet after a cleanse, you will gain the weight right back. A juice cleanse works well for when you want to drop a few pounds quickly for an event, or to jump start your weight loss journey with motivating results.  


When your body is overloaded with harmful toxins, it doesn’t function at its best. 

Three green juices in glass jugs with straws.
These bottles contain everything needed to flush out your system. Image courtesy of VegNews

One benefit of a juice cleanse is the potential to detox your system. If you suffer from irritable bowels, digestive issues, bloating, or constipation, a juice cleanse can help you clear your system. Sometimes you feel the need for a cleanse just because you overindulged over the weekend and your stomach still doesn’t feel right. After a cleanse, your bowels can feel as if they have been reset. 

Cleaning out your colon helps to get rid of toxins and heavy metals as well as any residue that is trapped in your bowels. The break from solid foods that you take when on a cleanse will help the juice run easily through your system so that you can reap the full benefits. Having a clear and comfortable stomach will lead to an improved mood as well as everything else it brings. 

A juice cleanse can improve your health in several ways. Whether you’re looking to achieve weight loss, better bowel function, or a healthy dose of vitamins, a juice cleanse can help you accomplish those goals. There is always a good excuse to enjoy large helpings of healthy fruit and vegetable juices!