Where to do Hot Yoga in Pittsburgh

Yoga is a relaxing style of exercise, and “hot yoga” adds an element of heat to it. It is a more vigorous form of yoga, partially due to the high temperature the room is brought to for the exercise. It is best done by healthy and well-hydrated practitioners. You want to avoid passing out during your morning workout! If this exercise turns out to be the right one for you, you’ll leave feeling refreshed and ready for the day. Here are the best places in Pittsburgh to do hot yoga. 

Yoga Hive 

This yoga studio prioritises tradition as much as they love individuality. 

People practicing yoga in a museum.
This yoga studio brought their visitors to the Carnegie Museum of Art for class. Image courtesy of Yelp.

 5491 Penn Ave | Garfield | yogahivepgh.com

The Yoga Hive opened up in 2010. Their mission is to create an authentic community of teachers and students. They believe in tradition and lineage, but they also believe in having free range to express unique teaching styles. Because of that, no class you attend will be the same. They will switch up your experience every time!

They offer classes for all levels, so beginner and expert practitioners practice right beside each other. They also hold several beginner workshops every year that focus solely on people that are new to the practice. 

You can rent supplies from them if you need to. You can rent a mat and a towel, and also buy one of many yoga mats they have on sale. 

“I have been to several yoga studios in Pittsburgh, but I'm not consistently practicing yoga. I generally have the basic positions down, but I enjoy yoga now and then. This studio is really nice inside, and the instructors seem pretty friendly. As a newcomer to the studio, it seemed that a lot of the people knew each other... VERY nice facility. I LOVE how they give you the option to do the more advanced poses or to do the more basic pose. GREAT studio!”--Yelp Review

I Am Yoga

At this yoga studio, you’re considered family. 

An empty yoga studio.
This is the space to just focus. Image courtesy of I Am Yoga

1701 Murray Ave Fl. 2. | Squirrel Hill | iamyogapgh.com

I Am Yoga provides a safe space for beginners and experts alike. They make sure that you feel comfortable enough to be yourself there. They encourage you to come at whatever level you are. You can even just sit and enjoy the energy in the room if that is all that you feel up for. 

They offer classes virtually and in person. They have an extensive staff that all have many years of experience with teaching. They are welcoming and friendly as they believe every visitor to be part of their family even if it's only their first time. If you have a limited cash supply, you can even trade work for free classes!

“I just love I Am Yoga! Every class I take I enjoy it even more and the instructors are always so encouraging and helpful. Coming in with no experience I was hesitant but right away I felt at home. I have gained so much in the short time I have been practicing here and every practice brings me more strength and balance. I would highly recommend everyone giving I Am Yoga a try because once you do you will never want to leave!”--Yelp Review

Yoga Flow

Yoga Flow will leave you feeling cleansed from the inside out.

People crouched over on yoga mats.
This pose will give your back a good stretch. Image courtesy of Yelp

5433 Walnut St | Shadyside | yogaflowpittsburgh.com

Yoga Flow offers multiple vinyasa-based classes. They focus on flow, which they believe should be combined with heat, breath, and movement for the best results. They aim to help you cleanse your mind and body and awaken your spiritual side. 

When you step in their studios, you’ll experience the scent of revitalizing oils and candles, and hear the soothing sound of eastern music. They have great teachers that each bring their own style to each class. They all share the goal to stay focused on the Yoga Flow philosophy of mind, body, and spirit. 

“I'm on my third unlimited month with Yoga Flow and I'm LOVING it. I've gone to a lot of yoga studios over the years and I can honestly say the classes here have been my favorite. Each teacher has their own flair but regardless of who I go to I know I'll get an amazing class! I love that each class is creative and powerful yet also focuses on breath-work and mindfulness. I'm so happy to have found my home studio here in PGH!”--Yelp Review

Amazing Yoga

This is where you go for some high energy yoga!

People planking on yoga mats.
They’re definitely building their strength up! Image courtesy of Amazing Yoga

730 Copeland St | South Side | amazingyoga.net

Amazing Yoga is committed to offering high quality classes that are energetic and fun. They are all about spreading positivity to anyone who decides to take a class there. In their facility, you will be moving to some lively music! Everything about this place is upbeat. 

This yoga studio has a number of well-trained staff. They encourage you to approach them anytime before or after class with any questions you may have. They welcome getting to know their students. This studio  also offers classes for anyone who wants to teach. 

You can buy high quality yoga gear straight from their website. They even have boutiques in their studios where you can purchase their products. Their products are eco-friendly, ethically sourced, and support local designers. 

“Great atmosphere, friendly teachers and truly amazing!  As soon as I walked in, the music and lighting set a calm mood for class. The amount of people can be overwhelming at first,  but it makes the class so much more powerful; the feeling of everyone working together with the guidance of the instructor makes for a great class every time!  All of the teachers make you feel right at home and help you learn what is best for your body. Leaving feeling refreshed and rejuvenated is so rewarding! I will be going to Amazing Yoga for as long as I live!”--Yelp Review 

Yoga Factory Pittsburgh

This studio wants to connect you with your mind, body, and spirit. 

These people are really working up a sweat! Image courtesy of Yelp

3418 Penn Ave | Lawrenceville | yogafactory.com

The Yoga Factory has been part of Pittsburgh since 2008. Their aim is to share their love of yoga to benefit people from all walks of life. They ultimately want to help people connect with their inner selves and get the most out of life. 

They offer traditional hot yoga classes that involve a sequence of 26 poses and two breathing exercises. Those classes are known as “Original Hot,” “Hot Plus,” and “Fusion.” When you sign up for these classes, you’ll also be granted access to hundreds of instructional videos online! 

You should bring your own equipment, but mats, towels, and water are available for rent and purchase. There is plenty of locker room storage for all your valuables. The Yoga Factory even offers training for those who want to be hot yoga teachers themselves. The next teaching class will be offered in Mexico!

“I appreciate the yoga factory because everyone is welcoming and the teachers are encouraging and don't expect you to be an expert on your first day. I feel so comfortable during class and it's a great workout! I am excited to try everything that they have to offer. Classes are offered almost all day long so there is no excuse not to join if you live nearby.”--Yelp Review

Hot yoga is a practice that brings great benefits to many people. If you want those same benefits, head to one of Pittsburgh’s best hot yoga studios soon! You have so much to gain from this mindful exercise.