Where to do Vinyasa Yoga in Pittsburgh

Vinyasa yoga is a form of yoga where you’re meant to string different postures together and move easily from one position to the next. It is often known as "flow" yoga because of the flow involved in moving through the poses. The word "vinyasa" comes from a combination of the words, "niyasa," which means "to place," and "vin," which means "in a special way." When you do vinyasa yoga, you are supposed to use your breath to align your mind and body throughout the session. It happens to be one of the most popular forms of yoga in the country today.

Yoga Love

This yoga studio prioritizes tradition and individuality just the same. 

Someone exercising while another one plays the violin.
It must be really relaxing to have a song played for you while you exercise. Image courtesy of Yelp.

134 S Highland Ave | East Liberty | yogalovepgh.com

Yoga Love is a Vinyasa studio that makes sure their classes are both challenging and accommodating. They offer classes for all levels, and those classes have a strong focus on alignment to bring you increased awareness of your mind and body. As a student, you’ll be taught breath-led connected movements that will take you through sets of free-flowing postures. 

Class sizes are limited to 10 people, so you will get lots of attention from your teacher. While they offer advanced options, modifications are still available for those who need them. You can register for classes on their website or through an app. 

They offer classes that include candlelight and aromatherapy. You can rent a mat and a towel, and also buy one of many yoga mats they have on sale. They even offer classes where you can add weights to their vinyasa practice to sculpt your muscles. 

“Yoga Love is the best studio I've tried in Pittsburgh. The space is warm with amazing natural sunlight. The classes are great for any level of experience with yoga practice. I love yoga love for a great stretch the day after an intense workout and yoga love on Saturday mornings for an energizing start to the day! They provide mats, straps, blocks, and blankets as well.”--Yelp Review

Yoga Hive 

This yoga studio prioritizes tradition as much as they love individuality. 

People doing yoga in a park.
This yoga studio sometimes brings their classes to public parks to practice. Image courtesy of Yelp.

5491 Penn Ave | Garfield | yogahivepgh.com

The Yoga Hive has been teaching power vinyasa yoga since 2010. They have created an authentic community of teachers and students over the years. They emphasize their belief in tradition and lineage, but also make sure to provide their instructors with free range to express their own unique teaching styles. Each instructor teaches what inspires them, and they may leave you inspired in the process!

Beginners and experts practice right beside each other since they offer classes for all skill levels. They also have beginner workshops every year that focus solely on instructing people that are new to practicing vinyasa yoga. 

If you don’t have all your own supplies, you can always rent some. They even have a few yoga mats on sale. Make sure you’re ready to sweat when you visit this studio. They keep their temperature hot!

“The Yoga Hive is truly a gem.  They offer a low intro rate for your first week, so you can get into the groove of the classes.  The environment is so wonderful, such a lovely space, and the teachers are all very attentive and thorough.  After never having done Yoga before, I have to say the Yoga Hive completely convinced me!”--Yelp Review

Yoga Flow

Yoga Flow will have you feeling cleansed from the inside out by the time you leave.

People on mats doing sideways poses.
Your abs will really tighten up with this move. Image courtesy of Yelp

5433 Walnut St | Shadyside | yogaflowpittsburgh.com

Yoga Flow offers multiple vinyasa-based classes. They focus on flow, which they believe should be combined with heat, breath, and movement for the best results. They aim to help you cleanse your mind and body and awaken your spiritual side. 

When you step into their studios, you’ll experience the scent of revitalizing oils and candles, all while listening to the soothing sound of eastern music. Each of their teachers brings their own style into the class. They all share a central goal of staying focused on the Yoga Flow philosophy of mind, body, and spirit. 

“I'm on my third unlimited month with Yoga Flow and I'm LOVING it. I've gone to a lot of yoga studios over the years and I can honestly say the classes here have been my favorite. Each teacher has their own flair but regardless of who I go to I know I'll get an amazing class! I love that each class is creative and powerful yet also focuses on breath-work and mindfulness. I'm so happy to have found my home studio here in PGH!”--Yelp Review

Pure Power Yoga

This studio will help you build up your strength. 

Black and white photo of yoga practitioners.
They’re definitely building their strength up! Image courtesy of Pure Power Yoga

4898 Campbells Run Road | Robinson Township | purepoweryogapgh.com

Pure Power Yoga considers practicing with them to be a lifestyle. Their aim is to offer high quality classes that are energetic and fun for patrons. They spread a strong sense of positivity to everyone who takes one of their classes. They keep their atmosphere as upbeat as possible, even playing music to set the mood on a regular basis. 

This yoga studio’s staff are knowledgeable and eager to train you. They make sure that all of their students know that they are available to them.  They let students approach them with any questions that they need answered. If you want to teach, you can find classes for that at this studio. 

If you forget your gear, don’t worry about it, you can purchase some on site. They have boutiques where you can purchase things and you can even rent some of their items. They make sure that all of their products are eco-friendly, ethically sourced, and made to support local designers. 

“Pure Power Yoga is a great place to practice. They have a good availability of classes, particularly in the evenings, and are priced similarly to other studios in the area. All of their instructors are knowledgeable, friendly and helpful.  I would highly recommend PPY to anyone looking to practice yoga.”--Yelp Review 

Vinyasa yoga is a form of yoga that will exercise all parts of you, both physically and mentally. Pittsburgh is not without vinyasa studios for people to frequent. You will benefit in many ways that you’ll appreciate if you choose to get into this practice.