Where to Do Yoga in Shadyside

Whether you’re looking for a hip place to try a new yoga class or a community of like minded individuals to share your workout with each week, there are a bunch of potential yoga spots in the vibrant neighborhood of Shadyside. 

Yoga Love Pittsburgh

A vinyasa yoga studio with a handful of unique classes to choose from.

inside Yoga Love studio
A glimpse into the peacefulness of Yoga Glo at Yoga Love Pittsburgh. Image courtesy of @yogalovepgh on Instagram.

134 S. Highland Avenue | Shadyside | yogalovepgh.com

Yoga Love is a dynamic vinyasa yoga studio with classes that  are both challenging, as well as accommodating. Students can expect breath-led, connected movement that is both creative and thoughtful. With a strong focus on alignment, and classes for all levels, Yoga Love is a place where you will have the opportunity to learn and to grow your vinyasa yoga practice.

Classes they currently offer are:

  • Yoga Love: An energizing, dynamic flow. This class begins with focus on breath and will then slowly begin to warm up the body to prepare for a fun, free flowing sequence of postures. You will experiment with strength, balance, and flexibility, and focus on alignment. Suitable for all levels.
  • Yoga Strong: Yoga Strong classes build on the Yoga Love classes. After your warm up, you will move through a connected series of asana with the opportunity to grow your practice. More advanced options will be offered, but modifications will be provided. This dynamic practice will challenge your limits and help set new goals! Suitable for all levels; some prior experience helpful.
  • Yoga Glo: By adding candlelight and aromatherapy to their Yoga Love class, you can enjoy the heightened awareness of both mind and body. This enhanced class will allow you to let go of attachments and move deeper in your practice. Suitable for all levels.
  • Yoga Sculpt: Adding free weights to your existing vinyasa practice will help tone and sculpt every major muscle group in this challenging and fun class. Enjoy upbeat music as you move through a connected series of postures, adding light cardio and resistance training. Get ready to sweat! Suitable for all levels; some prior experience helpful.
  • Yoga Heal: This class is specially designed to rejuvenate and heal. Through yoga sequences that activate specific energy lines in the body, this class seeks to unwind hardened myofascial tissue so that energy, or chi, can better flow through the bodily systems. Expect to use straps, blankets, blocks and tennis balls, as well as meditation to encourage physical release. This class is great after a long day or for anyone working with injuries or ailments. Suitable for all levels.

We recommend you try the New Student Special, which offers one month of unlimited classes for only $50, or you can drop in for $20. Other memberships include the Unlimited Yoga Membership, which is $99 a month with a three month minimum. Class Passes are also a great option if you only practice once or twice a week. A Five Class Pass is $75, which rounds out to $15 per class, and a 10 Class Pass is $130, which totals $13 per class.

“I took a class with Kayla who was super friendly and experienced when it comes to yoga! She led an awesome class that was both challenging and meditative. I will definitely be coming here again!” - Yelp Review

Yoga Flow

Choose between regular, outdoor, and virtual yoga classes.

Yoga Flow Studio
Yoga Flow offers a variety of vinyasa-based yoga classes. Image courtesy of @yoga_flow on Instagram.

5433 Walnut St. | Shadyside | yogaflowpittsburgh.com
Located on Walnut Street, this yoga studio resides in the heart of Shadyside. 

Yoga Flow offers a variety of vinyasa-based classes, vinyasa simply meaning flow. These classes all happen in a heated room, but there’s a reason for that, and it’s not just about sweating it out.

Their philosophy is that the union of heat, flow movement, and breathing will allow you to not only reap the physical benefits of yoga, but will also enable you to cleanse your mind and awaken your spiritual side, thus allowing for the ultimate combination of a sound mind, body, and spirit. Although each teacher brings their own unique style and path to enlightenment, all stay true to this philosophy.

The soothing atmosphere consisting of eastern sounds, revitalizing scented oils, and peaceful candle flames, and the encouraging, yet challenging routines will keep you immersed in your yoga journey.

They currently offer indoor, outdoor, and virtual yoga. The indoor classes are traditional, vinyasa yoga classes, whereas the outdoor classes are located in fun spots around the city such as Townsend Park and the Terminal Strip District. So, whatever your preference, this studio has you covered. 

Some classes they currently have are Early Bird Yogi, Flow & Go, and Breath & Flow.

As a new member, you are eligible for their New Student Package which includes 30 days of unlimited yoga classes for only $30! When you arrive at your first class, let your instructor know that you have created a new account and you will get the deal!

Drop-ins are just $14. So if you like to bounce around between yoga studios or workout routines, this is another great option!

“I've tried out Hot yoga studios in Pittsburgh and NYC and never felt comfortable. As a muscular guy, I have zero flexibility. I would get picked on by instructors and just felt out of place. Today after several years, I decided to try Yoga Flow in Shady Side, as I'm preparing for a body building show and need the flexibility. I was very pleased with the class size, the studio space, and the instructor Britney did a great job. It will be part of my weekly routine.” - Yelp Review

Amazing Yoga

Leave feeling stronger and more toned from this power yoga studio. 

outdoor yoga with Amazing Yoga
Amazing Yoga offers outdoor yoga throughout the month of June in locations such as Mellon Park. Image courtesy of @amazingyoga on Instagram.

730 Copeland St. | Shadyside | amazingyoga.net

This Shadyside studio is the first power yoga studio in Pittsburgh. 

As stated on their website, “We are committed to bringing yoga to you that is inspiring, high quality and fun. We offer a powerful yoga experience for anyone aspiring to feel the happiness of yoga and meditation. You will move to energetic music in our classes. Our dynamic flow classes will leave you feeling strong, toned, and rejuvenated.” 

This unique mission is likely inspired by the studio’s unique owners: Karen Conley, who is driven by guiding others towards their passion, purpose and powerful presence in life, and Sean Conley, former NFL player turned yogi.

All Amazing Yoga teachers are trained by Karen and Sean and have 200+ hours of training, so, rest assured you are getting quality teaching.

Current classes include:

  • Amazing Yoga Beats: Set to an invigorating playlist, this class is meant to strengthen and tone your entire body. This class is open to all levels.
  • $8 Community: This is a classic Amazing Yoga class led by a teacher in training. This class is open to all levels.
  • Basics: This class is meant for new students or those looking to hone their skill. More precisely, it’s a flow class which centers on more basic poses and alignment. This class is open to all levels.
  • Yin Yoga: Yin Yoga involves “a relaxed practice of floor postures that are held from three to five minutes at a time.” The postures encourage the slow opening of connective tissues, leaving you with an overall feeling of lightness, spaciousness, and peace. These more relaxing classes complement the more active Power Yoga classes nicely. 
  • Online Yoga: Virtual yoga for all levels.

If you want to see if Amazing Yoga is right for you, you can get familiar with the studio and the variety of experienced teachers through the 3 classes for $30 deal for new students.

“I've moved to the suburbs after living in Pittsburgh proper for upwards of 10 years and I continue to trek back just to attend classes at Amazing Yoga. The vibe is amazing, the classes are challenging, and I always leave feeling relaxed and just a bit healthier.” -Yelp Review

The thing about yoga studios is that you have to find the right one for you so that you can have the most fulfilling practice. We hope that one of these studios can be your home away from home.