Where to Do Yoga Near Oakland

Attending college anywhere is stressful, but attending a prestigious university in the city is all the more hectic. That said, it’s important that you take the time to find stillness and inner peace where you can in order to sustain your mental health and achieve a high academic performance.

Studies have shown that yoga has an abundance of positive psychological effects on college students. These positive effects contribute to decreased levels of stress, which in turn leads to better academic performance.  

If you choose to ensure good mental health during college through yoga, check out these much admired yoga studios in and around Oakland.

Yoga on the Lawn!

Free yoga on the Cathedral lawn all summer long.

University of Pittsburgh Cathedral of Learning
Free sixty minute yoga classes will be offered on the Cathedral lawn this summer. Image courtesy of the University of Pittsburgh.

4200 Fifth Ave | Oakland | calendar.pitt.edu/event/yoga_on_the_lawn

Yoga instructor Laurel Chiappetta will be hosting a free sixty minute yoga class on the Cathedral lawn this summer. The class is open to all University of Pittsburgh staff and will focus on yoga basics and short guided meditation. 

A limited amount of mats will be provided, so bring your own if you have one. You are also welcome to bring a block, chair, or any other supplies to modify your poses.

Free yoga in the heart of the University of Pittsburgh’s campus, what more could you ask more?

Yoga Flow

Out-of-your-comfort-zone outdoor yoga is offered at this Shadyside yoga studio.

Yoga Flow
Yoga Flow currently offers $5 outdoor yoga at the Terminal in the Strip District. Image courtesy of @yoga_flow on Instagram.

5433 Walnut St. | Shadyside | yogaflowpittsburgh.com

This yoga studio is easily accessible by bus (only about a 15 minute ride), which is perfect for the Oakland based college student. 

Yoga Flow offers a variety of vinyasa yoga classes, including Early Bird Yogi at 6 am, Flow & Go, Breath & Flow, Strong Flow, and Creative Flow. They also currently offer outdoor yoga classes at Townsend Park, River Front Park, and at the Terminal in the Strip District, which may be desirable given the amount of time you spend indoors studying as a college student. 

Drop-ins are just $14, which is an affordable price compared to other studios that charge $20+ for drop-ins. You may also be eligible for their New Student Package, which includes 30 days of unlimited yoga classes for only $30. When you arrive at your first class, let your instructor know that you have created a new account and you will get the deal!

Yoga Flow also offers retreats, events and workshops, and teacher training. So if you want to be involved in a yoga studio in other ways, there is certainly room for growth here.

“I've been going to Yoga Flow classes in Shadyside and I love it here! The instructors are wonderful and supportive for all levels, and the studio is a great space to relax. I've learned something from every class.” - Yelp Review

Yoga Love Pittsburgh

Try unique classes Yoga Glow and Yoga Heal at this vinyasa yoga studio.

Yoga Love Pittsburgh
Yoga Glo at Yoga Love Pittsburgh, an energizing dynamic flow heightened by candlelight and aromatherapy to increase awareness of both the mind and the body. Image courtesy of @yogalovepgh on Instagram.

134 S. Highland Avenue | Shadyside | yogalovepgh.com

Also located in Shadyside is this vinyasa yoga studio. At Yoga Love Pittsburgh, you are welcome to classes suitable for all levels where you will have the opportunity to learn and to grow your vinyasa yoga practice.

There are multiple classes to choose from. There’s Yoga Love, which is their standard vinyasa practice, Yoga Strong, which is more advanced, and Yoga Sculpt, which brings free weights into your existing vinyasa practice for an even more challenging class.

In addition, Yoga Love Pittsburgh offers unique classes such as Yoga Glo and Yoga Heal. Yoga Glo is essentially their Yoga Love class, but enhanced by candlelight and aromatherapy to heighten your awareness of both your mind and your body. This enhanced class will allow you to let go of attachments and move deeper in your practice. Yoga Heal is specially designed to rejuvenate and heal. Through yoga sequences that activate specific energy lines in the body, this class seeks to unwind hardened myofascial tissue so that energy, or chi, can better flow through the bodily systems. You can expect to use straps, blankets, blocks and tennis balls, as well as meditation to encourage this physical release. 

We recommend you try the New Student Special, which offers one month of unlimited classes for only $50, or you can drop in for $20. 

“Tried out a Yoga Glo Candle and Aromatherapy class the other night, and I really loved it. The studio is very nice and clean. I'm also a sucker for exposed brick, and having the windows looking out over the city in the evening was really nice.” - Yelp Review

Schoolhouse Yoga Pittsburgh

This studio offers a variety of classes in multiple locations.

2215-2217 Murray Ave | Squirrel Hill | schoolhouseyoga.com

Schoolhouse Yoga opened their practice in Squirrel Hill and North Hills in 2002, and since then has been sharing their love of yoga with the Pittsburgh community.

Their Yoga 1 class is ideal for those new to yoga. Yoga 1 classes include sun salutations and a combination of standing and seated postures to increase strength, flexibility, and balance. 

They also offer Ashtanga Yoga, which is sometimes referred to as Power Yoga. Their Ashtanga Yoga classes feature many of the same postures as their Yoga 1 class, but move at a more rigorous pace. Athletes tend to gravitate towards this more vigorous yoga tradition, but it’s suitable to those who are seeking an effective cardio workout.

Their Gentle Yoga classes are recommended for those recovering from an injury or illness or those merely looking for a slower-paced class that emphasizes stretching, breathing, and relaxation. 

A single class costs $20, but you can purchase a five-class pass for $75 or a fifteen-class pass for $150. 

“It's a comfortable studio with kind, knowledgeable instructors. But my favorite thing is that they offer a wide variety of classes to choose from. I also like the fact that instead of a monthly membership, they do packages, so you don't feel guilty if you can't make it to a class. It's great for busier people who want to use yoga to unwind rather than making yoga another obligation.” - Yelp Review

Yoga Factory Pittsburgh

Diversify your practice at this Lawrenceville studio.

3418 Penn Ave | Lawrenceville | yogafactory.com

This Lawrenceville studio is ideal for those who like to have variety in their workouts or yoga practice. There are so many classes offered that you will never tire of yoga as a source of exercise or stress relief.

Some of the classes offered at Yoga Factory Pittsburgh are:

  • Fusion: A blend of several styles of yoga performed in a warm room.
  • Original Hot Yoga: Traditional hot yoga performed in a hot room.
  • Hot Yoga Plus: A class that takes Hot Yoga to the next level.
  • Slow Flow: Exploration of asana, pranayama, and meditation at a slower pace.
  • Restore: A slower-paced class based on the concepts of Yin Yoga.
  • Rocket: A fun, fast-paced Ashtanga yoga class.
  • Vinyasa: A standard vinyasa yoga class for all levels.
  • Yoga Monsters: Designed with children in mind, this class consists of yoga poses meant to improve coordination, strength, flexibility, and focus.

Drop-ins are $20, but you can look into the New Intro Special for locals only for $39.

“There is a unique welcoming presence to this studio and the people are really really lovely. Yoga Love.” - Yelp Review

Whether you opt to diversify your yoga practice at Yoga Factory Pittsburgh or go out of your comfort zone with outdoor yoga at Yoga Flow, you will find some respite from the hustle and bustle of college and city life at these yoga studios near Oakland.