Where To Grab Vegan Pizza in Pittsburgh

While Pittsburgh has an overwhelming number of pizza shops across the city, until recently most did not have much to offer as far as alternative diet options for a pizza pie. This meant that those who follow a gluten-free, vegan, or vegetarian lifestyle were often left out of enjoying one of the most popular foods around--pizza! Well that seems to no longer be the case as there are more and more options appearing on pizza menus across the city. 

If you’re a vegan or just curious to see what a vegan pizza is like, we’ve put together the top pizza places in Pittsburgh to get a vegan pizza. These shops promise not to disappoint, so what are you waiting for?

Spak Brothers

You’ll love all the vegan pizza options at this local favorite

vegan pizza pie
Whether you choose vegan cheese or go sauce-less, this pizza shop is sure to be your new favorite. Image courtesy of Yelp

5107 Penn Ave. | Garfield | spakbrothers.com

One of the most popular spots in Pittsburgh to grab a vegan pizza is Spak Brothers. Not only do they have tons of vegan options on their pizza pie menu, but they also offer vegan options for some of your favorite pizza shop menu items like seitan wings, vegan calzones, and even vegan hoagies! But we recommend you check out one of their vegan cheese pizzas for yourself, or opt for one of their specialties such as the vegan pizza margarita. 

“Wonderful pizza with great vegan and vegetarian options.  Their seitan wings are the best around. Probably my go-to pizza spot in the city.” -Yelp Review 

Pastoli’s Pizza

Enjoy a slice (or a whole pie) of vegan pizza at this Squirrel Hill spot

large vegan pizza
Stop by this local spot in Squirrel Hill for a vegan pizza that will have you coming back for more. Image courtesy of Yelp.

1900 Murray Ave. | Squirrel Hill | pastolis.menu

Pastoli’s Pizza wants to make everyone who wants to try their pizza feel welcome--and that includes those who are following a vegan diet! Whether you want a small, medium, or XL vegan pizza, this place has got your back. Want something a little extra? Why not add vegan BBQ chicken or pork, or vegan Buffalo chicken to your pizza? You can also include any of their regular veggie items on the menu to create an amazing pizza experience. So what are you waiting for, try out this Pittsburgh vegan favorite today!

“When I finally took my first bite I was floored as this pizza was phenomenal! Trust me this place is a MUST hands down. If you want  pizza this is the place. Period. Do not look any further. Prices were amazing as well.” -Yelp Review 

Mandy’s Pizza

Enjoy all kinds of vegan options on this pizza menu

Mandy's vegan pizza
Locals love getting vegan pizzas from Mandy’s, who knows, it might turn into your favorite spot too! Image courtesy of Yelp

512 Perry Hwy | West View | mandyspizza.com

Just a hop, skip, and a jump from downtown Pittsburgh you’ll find Mandy’s Pizza in West View. Vegans all over the city know this spot because it has one of the most comprehensive vegan menus in the city. You can not only get a 100% vegan pizza like their classic thin crust or thick Sicilian, but you can also enjoy vegan calzones, wedgies, hoagies, and appetizers! Customers love the option to build their pizza with a variety of vegan meats like chicken, pulled pork, and even pepperoni and sausage. But you can also indulge in a specialty vegan pizza like the steak and ranch or the Buffalo chicken. This spot is a must-visit!

“I absolutely adore this place! The staff is always super nice, the food is literally a 10/10! I am so picky about pizza and this place checks every single box for me of what makes a perfect pizza!” -Yelp Review

Country Style Pizza

There’s some great vegan pizza to be had at this customer favorite

Country Style vegan pizza
You might not believe your eyes when you see how big this pizza place’s vegan menu is. Image courtesy of Yelp

536 Dewey Ave. | Bridgeville | countrystylepizza.net

Located just south of Pittsburgh in the cozy borough of Bridgeville is where you’ll find Country Style Pizza and their huge vegan pizza menu. They’ve been serving up delicious pizza for over 30 years, and have acquired quite a large selection of vegan pizza offerings. Consider trying out their vegan taco, vegan sloppy Joe, or even vegan pierogi pizzas--you will not be disappointed! If you’d like to try something else, you can’t go wrong with their vegan sausage sandwich or the vegan cinnamon breadsticks for something sweet.

“Great pizza and pizza style desserts that are really good. They have all kinds of different pizza. They have taco, sloppy Joe, and many other options. The desserts are amazing as well.” -Yelp Review

Pizza Pronto

Have a healthier pizza with this pizza joint’s vegan pie

Pizza Pronto vegan pizza
Carry out a delicious vegan pizza made to order just the way you like it. Image courtesy of Nora Cooks.

4611 Centre Ave. | Oakland | 412pizzapronto.com

There are a lot of pizza places to choose from in Oakland because of its large college-age population, but Pizza Pronto should be high on your list of places to try. Whether you’re interested in all the veggies (mushrooms, peppers, onions, and olives) or just want to have your vegan pizza plain, this place is exactly what you need. In addition to vegan options, this pizza place also has gluten-free options for pizza as well, allowing more and more people to have a delicious pizza experience when they otherwise might not be able to!

“Had to stop in Pittsburgh on the way to Maine due to the storm. My husband and I are both vegan and this is by far the best vegan pizza we've had! Would definitely order from them again.” -Yelp Review


Enjoy vegan pizza with a Mediterranean twist

Ephesus vegan pizza
If you like Mediterranean food, you’re going to love the vegan options available at Ephesus. Image courtesy of Yelp

219 Fourth Ave. | Downtown | ephesuspizza.com

Whether you prefer your pizza by the slice, or by the pie, you can find both vegan options at this downtown pizza place. If you’re in the mood for a vegan chicken BBQ, vegan Mediterranean, or vegan chicken pesto, you can’t go wrong here. Not to worry if you’d rather build your own pizza, they also have customizable options where you can choose a size and add your own toppings. In addition to vegan pizzas, vegan customers can also enjoy the Mediterranean flavors of falafel, hummus, or babaganoush with fresh pita bread.

“Ephesus never disappoints. Fresh delicious, traditional pizza fare plus Turkish flavors too! Super friendly customer service, great delivery team!” -Yelp Review

This list is by no means exhaustive when it comes to finding vegan pizza options in Pittsburgh. Each day it seems additional pizza shops are adding vegan items to their menus--and Pittsburghers are appreciating it because no one should be left out when it comes to enjoying a great pizza pie! What are your favorite vegan pizza places in Pittsburgh?