Where to Warm Up With Cozy Coffee, Tea, and Other Hot Drinks in Pittsburgh this Winter

The winter cold can be hard to deal with, but there are ways to make yourself more comfortable with it. A hot beverage has always been a great way to warm yourself up. It always feels great to sip on a cup of hot tea and feel your body fill up with warmth. There are many great coffee shops, tea shops, and drink shops that sell other hot beverages all over Pittsburgh. You can find them in several neighborhoods. Here are some of the best places to get a nice hot drink in Pittsburgh!

Where to Get Tea in Pittsburgh

Tea in a clear cup next to daisies.
A cup of tea will get you warm and relaxed. 

Dobra Tea Pittsburgh

This bohemian-style tea room has something for everyone. 

1937 Murray Ave | Squirrel Hill | dobrateapgh.com

This authentic bohemian tea room is a place for relaxation and community. They possess over 160 teas from all around the world to choose from. Along with providing a clean and comfortable environment for people to relax and enjoy their tea, they also share with guests the knowledge they have about tea.  

This place aspires to be somewhere between a church and a bar. They believe that tea is part of a healthy lifestyle and is on its own a life experience. Dobra Tea wants to help you experience self reflection, creativity, and critical thinking through the power of tea. 

“Huge selection of tea, biggest I've ever seen! Dobra is a super cute place with an extensive tea selection. I have not had their food but if you enjoy tea this makes for a great spot. Check them out!” -- Yelp Review

Fuku Tea 

This tea shop offers a variety of hot and cold drinks. 

3800 Forbes Ave | Oakland | fukutea.com

Fuku Tea specializes in many types of drinks. They sell smoothies, bubble tea, and loose leaf tea. They have an extensive offering of hot teas. There are several types of green teas, oolong teas, chai teas, white teas, and black teas. You can also find herbal teas and ancient pu-erh tea. 

There is limited seating, so Fuku is best for when you want to grab a hot tea on the go. Stopping by this store on the way to and from work or during a break will give you an extra burst of warmth during your day. 

“Best bubble tea in Pittsburgh! They also have a great selection of hot teas. I got the Peach Oolong Tea this time and it was very good.” Yelp Review

Coffee Shops in Pittsburgh

A cup of coffee topped off with a leafy foam design.
This cup will warm your body as it awakens your senses. 

Commonplace Coffee

This shop is all about making guests feel good. 

5827 Forbes Ave | Squirrel Hill | commonplacecoffee.com

Commonplace Coffee was built from a love of coffee and people. The creators love drinking coffee as much as they love serving it. At Commonplace, coffee is a way to build community with people. Serving great coffee is one way for them to show that they care. 

You’ll find several types of coffee in this shop. They have coffee available from many places, including Papua New Guinea, Guatemala, and Columbia, along with great local blends.

“Everyone knows Commonplace and it's clear why. Great place to get caffeinated and do some work, or even take it to go! The staff is super helpful and clearly cares about their drinks.” -- Yelp Review

Espresso a Mano

This boutique bakery will help you create any type of cake you desire.

3623 Butler St | Lawrenceville | espressoamano.com

Espresso a Mano is an espresso bar and coffee shop that sells specialty coffees. They place a special emphasis on giving good customer service. They source great and sustainable coffees that are enjoyable to their customers. They also serve several high quality products from places like Colangelo’s Bakery, Gluten Free Goat Bakery, and Turner Dairy Farms. 

“Always my first stop on Butler street! It's hard to find a coffee shop that actually knows how to make their drinks! Very trendy, chic vibe with a warm and welcoming atmosphere. A great place to pop in or stay awhile.” -- Yelp Review

Big Dog Coffee

This coffee shop provides a comfortable atmosphere for relaxation.

2717 Sarah St | South Side | bigdogcoffeeshop.com

Big Dog Coffee is a cozy coffee shop in the South Side. They offer many options for delicious coffee. You can get flavored and unflavored options as well as specialty and seasonal drinks. This shop has the perfect atmosphere for relaxation. You will often find people drinking coffee while getting work done, studying, or spending time with friends. You’ll love their selection of pastries and desserts!

“They have really good coffee and I love the cushion seats in the back. The Wi-Fi is decently fast and the baristas are very kind and patient. Will definitely revisit!” -- Yelp Review

Where to Get Hot Chocolate in Pittsburgh

A cup of hot chocolate topped with mushrooms on a bed of leaves.
This decadent chocolate drink offers a burst of deep flavor and warmth. 

Mon Aimee Chocolat

This chocolate shop uses their high quality chocolates to make hot drinks.

2101 Penn Ave | Strip District | monaimeechocolat.com

Mon Aimee Chocolat is a chocolate shop that sells specialty chocolate. They curate one of the largest collections of premium fine chocolates in the country. They sell the work of Pittsburgh’s top chocolatiers and manufacturers. The chocolate they feature is from over 60 different countries. 

During the cold seasons, they are known for their drinking chocolate made from their amazing chocolate bars. You can enjoy a drink in the shop or take one to go. 

“This was such a cute little shop! They have chocolate from all over the world, and the staff was very friendly and helpful!” -- Yelp Review

Biddle’s Escape

This vibrant tea and coffee shop offers a huge selection of flavors.

2717 Sarah St | Wilkinsburg | biddlesescape.com

Biddle’s Escape is a tea and coffee shop that also sells hot chocolate. They have several flavors of tea, coffee, and hot chocolate. Rather than just offer plain hot chocolate, they have flavors like gingersnap, peppermint, and smores. The place is made for relaxation with its cool and eccentric décor. You get to warm up with their drinks inside or take them to go!

“This place is one of my favorite coffee shops in Pittsburgh. They have a huge selection of coffees and teas and really good vegetarian option foods and snacks. Their lavender lattes are really good.” -- Yelp Review

Warming up with a cup of hot tea, coffee, or hot chocolate is one of the best things you can do during the winter. It is a great way to start and end a day spent in the cold. A hot drink is bound to make us feel warmer despite the temperature. Take advantage of the great hot beverages that Pittsburgh shops have to offer you!