Your Guide to the Tastiest, Trendiest, and Healthiest Vegan Desserts in Pittsburgh

Image courtesy of Country Living

Vegan desserts are more readily available now than they had ever been in the past. Pittsburgh is a city full of restaurants that sell a wide array of foods, including vegan ones. You’ll find vegan appetizers, entrees, and desserts in a number of places, and your choices are not at all limited. 

When it comes to desserts, vegan ones have stepped up immensely within the past few years. Vegans can now enjoy many of the same desserts that non vegans get to enjoy. And when you live in Pittsburgh, there is no shortage of vegan dessert options. You can find decadent and even healthy desserts at so many places, you will never feel like you’re missing out. We’ve written out a guide to help you find the tastiest, trendiest, and healthiest vegan desserts in Pittsburgh!

The Tastiest

Ice Cream

Green pistachio ice cream.
This ice-cream looks beyond creamy. Image courtesy of That Girl Cooks Healthy

Vegan ice-cream used to be limited to sorbet, but has become more widely available in grocery stores. You can find rows upon rows of different vegan ice-cream brands when you take a look into the freezer. It is really great to have in stores, but sometimes you want to enjoy a few scoops of ice-cream when you’re out on the town. There are many Pittsburgh stores that offer vegan ice-cream by the scoop. And they don’t just offer one flavor, you’ll have lots of great options. 

At Millie’s Homemade Ice-Cream, you can find vegan flavors like pina colada, mango, and brownie batter. Sugar Scoops Spell is an ice-cream shop in Pittsburgh that sells all vegan treats. Each flavor is made from scratch and has an oat milk base. Along with the wide range of flavors this shop offers, it also sells vegan ice-cream cakes. Another great place to get vegan ice-cream is NatuRoll Creamery. This place serves ice-cream, milkshakes, edible cookie dough, and bubble waffles. They have over 60,000 combinations of ingredients including several vegan bases and toppings. 


Vegan cakes can be found in a number of different bakeries. Some bakeries have vegan cakes on the menu for order, and some give you the option to request a vegan version of their cakes even when they were not originally made that way. These bakeries make it so vegan cakes are easier to purchase than ever before in this city!

One place to get delicious vegan cakes is the Butterwood Bake Consortium. They offer cakes made with the highest quality ingredients. They avoid any artificial and filler ingredients, making their treats as healthy as a sugar-filled dessert can be. They bake custom made two and three tier vegan cakes, offer samples, and even sell cake by the slice. Bella Christie & Lil Z’s Sweet Boutique also offers custom made vegan cakes. They also have a large selection of signature flavors you can choose from. 

The Trendiest


Three fudgy brownies stacked on to of each other.
These brownies are a fudgy delight. Image courtesy of Vegan in the Freezer

Brownies are a popular favorite for many people. You can find brownies just about everywhere you go. Most restaurants, casual and even upscale, happen to have brownies on their menu. They could come alone or next to a nice scoop of ice-cream. Most of those places don’t sell vegan brownies, but you can certainly find them around Pittsburgh. 

At Gluuteny, you can find amazing vegan brownies alongside many other vegan desserts. You can find healthy, raw brownies at the Pittsburgh Juice Company. Their brownies are made with pecans, almond meal, avocado, and cacao powder. They are protein packed, gluten free, and incredibly delicious. 


A cupcake is pretty much a way to enjoy a cake in a small and convenient size. They are really popular for gifts, celebrations, and for simply grabbing on the go. Finding vegan cupcakes is not very difficult in Pittsburgh. You can get them from a few different places. 

At Gluuteny, you can find several vegan cupcake flavors. They offer a chocolate cupcake, a toasted almond cupcake, a red velvet cupcake, and a hostess cupcake. You can get single cupcakes, order a four or six pack, or even a dozen. They cost even less when you order them by the dozen! The Butterwood Bake Consortium also has vegan cupcakes. You can eat peanut butter and even raspberry cupcakes there. 


If you’re a donut lover, you’ll be happy to know that you can find vegan donuts in Pittsburgh. Donuts are a classic treat that many people enjoy immensely. And while you might not find vegan donuts at chain restaurants, you can certainly find them in Pittsburgh. 

Vegan donuts can be found at Gluten Free Goat Bakery, where the treats are also gluten free. You can also find vegan donuts at Gluuteny. Their donuts are both vegan and soy free. They have cake donuts with sprinkles and a chocolate glazed donut.

The Healthiest

Smoothie Bowls

A purple smoothie bowl topped with blueberries, raspberries, and granola.
This bowl looks refreshing. Image courtesy of Healthy Fitness Meals

Smoothie Bowls have become a popular food trend in recent years. They are popular for very good reasons. Unlike a regular smoothie, a smoothie bowl is thick for scooping and topped with a variety of fruits. It is one of the healthiest ways to enjoy a sweet treat. 

There are some great Pittsburgh locations you can stop at for a smoothie bowl. One of those places is Salud Juicery. Salud is well known for delicious smoothies and juices, and smoothie bowls are not far behind in popularity. Some options include the Zen Masterbowl, topped with banana, coconut, and cashews and the BB King Bowl with pineapple, hemp seed, and granola. The Spot Pittsburgh also features some amazing smoothie bowls. You can get signature flavors like the Island Acai or create your own. 

Yogurt Parfait

A yogurt parfait is a delicious mix of yogurt, fruit, and granola that you can now find in vegan form. Sometimes it feels nice to have a light fruity dessert, especially after a meal. A yogurt parfait is one of the healthiest desserts that you can have. 

This sweet treat is not hard to find in Pittsburgh. You can find yogurt parfaits at Viridi’s Café. It is made of soy that is made in house. The Pittsburgh Juice Company also sells yogurt parfaits. Flavors include Cacao Coconut Cream, Chai Spice Delight, and Chia Coffee Crunch. 

Being vegan no longer means lacking dessert options. You can have all the same desserts that non vegans get to have when you’re in Pittsburgh and close to the many great shops that sell delicious vegan desserts.