Berry Superbowl

açai + blueberry + strawberry + banana + cashew - topped with agave + granola + banana
Mood Boost
Protein Packed
Brain Boost
$ 9.25 USD

Up your game. Energize where you need it, when you need it, and keep going with cardio care. Give your body a boost with the super nutrients in our Berry Superbowl. Açai and blueberry will help you bring your A-game, and cashews pack a massive protein punch.

  • Banana. Digestion, anti-cramping
  • Strawberry. Mood, cardio health
  • Cashew. Cardio health, protein
  • Blueberry. Brain function, cardio health
  • Acai. Circulation, energy
  • Granola. Fiber, hunger control

Need to ditch the gluten? Sub in gluten-free granola for +$1.50